The new Community Manager: Proactive, innovative and arcane knowledge

The new Community Manager: Proactive, innovative and arcane knowledge

We always say that the analysis of the profession of community managers, we can draw an invaluable source of information to help us establish the most efficient to consolidate our brand or company and social actions.

When we talked about the keys to recognize a good Community Manager, we did based on the essential premise that establishes the need to be proactive professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators and committed.

But the analysis of the capabilities and objectives derived from the profession, we can get the keys to identify why the figure of the Community Manager emerges as an indispensable element in any team of companies looking to enable their social nature.

Moving towards a cycle transdisciplinary professional profiles. The new Community Manager is a professional in which professions are combined 9 whose qualities are (as they are today) most sought after in the constant search for the “thrill of the other”.

The new Community Manager Proactive, innovative and arcane knowledgeAnalysts data without metric no knowledge

There is no doubt that monitoring data and analysis of metrics, is becoming increasingly important in a entamado in which success is achieved through feedback responses.

The Community Manager not be able to exercise their shed data analyst, you are letting unimaginable amounts of information, which will hurt your influence and your brand.

The social communicational Psychologist

We traveled to a social order in connection, the new opinion leaders must be able to persuade through providing information, but should also be able to distinguish the differences between the person and the user connected. 
Transferred to the Community Manager us We are referring to its associated side to participation and less focused on the specific characteristics of each brand.

Explorer new business

There is no doubt that innovation has become a major challenge, identify and implement new business ideas is indisputable constant opportunities synonym.

The staging of a new business idea requires previous analysis of data and actions focused on the application of psychology of social communication.

The social entrepreneur

If we talk about the new professions emerging as a necessity that allows the reinvention of production models, we should not forget that the entrepreneur is the only one that guarantees the constant generation of new opportunities.

The new Community managers are entrepreneurs par excellence and must have the ability to identify new relationships and actions that result in growth

Anthropologists for humans in connection

They are increasingly universities rescuing the essential precepts of anthropology for its effectiveness in understanding the current social phenomenon. Production models are shaped by global business, where cultural segmentation is indispensable for the staging of an appropriate strategy.

The new Community Managers must be able to meet its target audience.Anthropology is today, an ally of leadership. 

Healers, documentarians 2.0

Filter content is transforming indispensable in a world in which relations of all kinds are established through the word. This new profession of the future increasingly present and defendant, concerns the selection of content.

Managers of collective intelligence

Search results, focusing on identifying the joint benefit, brand-customer.Very linked to the new figure of the teacher and obviously present in the new opinion leaders.

The new Community manager must develop the skills necessary to identify the innovation that underlies the collective intelligence skills.

The new “teacher”

It is more than obvious that a Community manager is not a teacher.However, if it is true that both professions converge at a common point.The permanent pursuit of learning, identifying the strengths of his followers and students and the ability to arouse interest in learning self-taught.

The new Community managers should be information managers, capable of transmitting knowledge and getting through it, unlimited growth results.

Experts in the art to participate

We know that spontaneous participation is not the norm. It is only through a click, the impact and a fact, news content is produced, it becomes viral.

In a future in which participation at all levels will be essential to form the new social order, the new Community managers must develop the skills that enable them to minimize (and ideally eliminate) a participatory gap.

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