The business of selling Android Applications

The business of selling Android Applications

Since the boom occurred in the sale of smartphones worldwide and from the positioning of Android as the operating system used on most mobile devices they have emerged as new and lucrative product development platform.

Creating applications for Android has meant big business for many companies and independent programmers who have started to schedule them from their garages or rooms and have surprisingly come to make millions of dollars thanks to the popularity of their creations.

Beginning in the business of building applications

While to create an Android application you need to have certain skills, these are easy to learn in a short time and even can do for free on the Internet looking for some guidance.

We can cite as examples two of the most famous games applications: Angry Birds and Crush Candy, based on a simple but fun and using basic principles of physics theme, the creators of these games have come to charge a lot of money.

The story of the little birds face a little pigs who are out to steal their eggs caused so popular that have created several sequels of history and to famous movies like Star Wars have a version of this little game.

To start developing an Android application is advisable to seek some video tutorial or a course we can locate on the Internet. We should have basic knowledge of programming because it will be much easier to start with this project and try to achieve success with it.

Marketing your Android application

The first thing we have to do, after having our application list, is to choose our business model, depending on features can choose any of the following:

  • Free: The application will be downloaded for free but it will display advertising, revenues are due to advertisers.
  • Freemium: The application will be downloaded for free but with certain limitations, the full version will be available for those who make a payment.
  • Free to Play: If your application is a game this can be an ideal alternative that can be combined with advertising, the game will be free, but the ability to purchase virtual goods to move forward in the game or be offered improved.

After choosing the business model we choose which platform to promote it. Our recommendation is to opt for the Play Store, the official Google app store where we find thousands of free and paid applications worldwide and various categories.

Moreover the Google Play Store offers some facilities with regard to the means of payment but has certain limits for some countries. Moreover analytical tools that offers may serve us well to improve our application and to determine our marketing tools and positioning.

To enhance the positioning and more customers who download our application can choose the traditional Internet advertising, opening an individual web in which we detail the characteristics of our application with a direct download link to the Play Store can be an alternative to get .

The other will depend on how innovative is our application because the bloggers to recommend to the testeen and can provide us about our product reviews. Having bloggers and journalists talking about our technological application not only give us feedback but also enable our app is best known in the market.

There are many applications that fail before their release , we do not try to reinvent the wheel and try to create applications with millions of users just in order to capture a fraction of its customers.

Approach, innovation and persistence the secret of business

Let’s focus on creating good applications by keeping their feet on the ground and realistically as we can, we try to raise awareness of our product before releasing it to the market to go determining our potential customers and going to focus our marketing strategies.

The opinions of others give us a different scenario that may never have imagined, alternatives and solutions that can help potential our business idea.

Let’s face above all, particularly recommend them initially focus on niche markets, investigate the application stores our potential skills, explore the failure of some apps that have similarities with ours, should be a game application must achieve it This impressive and very well prepared.

There are many factors to consider, if our first application has not had the desired success learn from the mistakes we had made and again. Remember that there are thousands of applications around the world and at any time could give the blow with a successful application that changes your life.

The future of the Internet is mobile, not only smartphones but also tablets, development for these devices is the current focus, we learn, persevere and achieve a good product.

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