How to Be an admired and respected leader in Business

How to Be an admired and respected leader in Business

Much is said about leadership and the marked differences between an admired and respected leader in the business and one that is not.

We all understand somehow these differences but not all can certainly implement them.

We in this blog, we talk about ideas. We like the business ideas and we like it better when entrepreneurs bring life to a great idea and begin to grow. But it is also sad when companies die for lack of leadership.

And although we like the concept or not, we must recognize that leadership does make a difference today in the growth or decline of business. But Why is it so important to be an admired leader?

Whether your company has one hundred, twenty or two employees (you and your partner) provided leadership is needed and these are some of the reasons:

  • There are fewer conflicts and more harmony
  • There is a clear vision and enthusiasm for pursuing this vision
  • Promoted work team
  • It facilitates communication
  • Results are obtained

How to develop this leadership?

Well, to be the charismatic leader, the admired and respected leader in the company must first understand that leaders are recognized, not imposed. And a leader is recognized by the people around him. And that can only be achieved if you empathize with your people.

To begin you must begin to implement these 20 principles and values:

  • Change the word used by partners
  • It understands that people have families, values and aspirations
  • It gives value to each person and recognizes their efforts and attitude, not only their results
  • Conveys the vision of the organization with enthusiasm
  • Stop being the boss and become part of the team
  • You accept that you are human and make mistakes too
  • Speaking Out is a sign of weakness, better use reason and persuasion
  • Do not impose your ideas, your collaborators conquer them
  • Is the best example of attitude and behavior in the company
  • Rest is also a principle of productivity , live it
  • Fair is to resolve conflicts
  • Do not be afraid to be yourself, people admire the genuine people
  • I was generous with finances and have more loyal people
  • Changes can not be, for how can it?
  • Be open to new ideas, you see that person could never be a great idea
  • It promotes the active participation and good contributions
  • He recognizes the good work. Provides word of thanks
  • He is a lover of good communication
  • It changes the sense of urgency by the sense of importance
  • Invest in activities that promote unity and friendship
  • It is firm, integral and decisive, without offending anyone

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