How to increase SEO when your website has been redesigned

Your website should be updated roughly every two years, so that it remains relevant and professional. A website redesign will make your website more efficient and stylish, so that it will be more appealing to users. This will help to increase traffic and promote sales, which is fantastic news for your business.

How to increase SEO when your website has been redesigned

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However, the one downside to a website redesign is that it can lower your SEO ranking. This is because SEO can be overlooked during the design process, but thankfully you can increase your SEO ranking by making a few alterations to your website.

Here’s how to increase SEO, when your website has been redesigned.

Link through your site using keywords

Your site may look beautiful to users, but if it doesn’t have strong site architecture, it won’t rank well on Google, as search engines will struggle to effectively organise and rank your site. Start by establishing relevant keywords that link to your website, and then place those keywords on all of the main pages on your website.

Use the right links throughout your site

Your SEO ranking will be improved if you include lots of relevant authority links on each page. There are lots of links that you should include, such as links back to other pages on your website, links to websites that you have quoted, and links to websites that have referenced your article.

How to increase SEO when your website has been redesigned2

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However some links should be avoided, such as Widget backlinks. According to Monitor Backlinks, Google has penalised various websites, such as Godaddy, for using widgets as backlinks.

Establish a strong landing page

You already know that it is important to have strong website architecture, and part of this is establishing a landing page that is optimised for SEO. You can do this by inserting the keyword phrase in the meta title, the meta description, the header tag and the first paragraph.

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Check out the competition

One of the most important things that you must do is competitor analysis, as this will teach you more about relevant keywords and what users want. You can do this using an online tool such as SEMRush, or you can enlist a web development agency to help you with the process.

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