Google becomes master and lord of the mobile audience on the internet

Google becomes master and lord of the mobile audience on the internet

Google is by far the preferred website for users who access the internet through mobile devices. According to Hitwise Mobile, the online mobile measurement measurement service of Experian Marketing Services, the searcher recorded a 17.3% share. For its study, Hitwise takes a sample of 50,000 unique mobile users, both smartphone and tablet, who surf the internet using both 3G and 4G or wifi. The system records visits and page views during a weekly period, which includes 4 million websites, from 170 different categories.

Google becomes master and lord of the mobile audience on the internetThe second place, at a considerable distance is YouTube, the second largest search engine, with 4.55% of the views, followed by Facebook, the main social network, with 2.65%. They are followed by Gmail (1.54%) and Wikipedia (1.17%).

Gmail is the service where users stay longer, with 6.42 minutes; Followed by Youtube, with an average visit of 5.51 minutes, Google (4.10), Wikipedia (2.55) and Facebook (2.45).

The data of HitWise Mobile also offer a comparison between the use that the internauts make based on whether it is a mobile or desktop device. The main difference is registered by Facebook, whose users spend an average of more than 20 minutes in the desktop version, compared to the scarce 3 when it comes to the mobile. This period is even short compared to Nielsen data, which indicates that Facebook users dedicate about 7 hours a month to this social network.

As for the sectors most demanded by mobile users, sports and betting stand out. Thus ESPN dominates as a portal on sports, capturing globally 12% of total visits via mobile. These figures are superior to those that the web registers through the computer. This forces the company to take special care of the content it transmits through the web.

For its part, Groupon stands out for being the most popular award site, with about 12% of mobile traffic, followed by, Living Social, BradsDeals and Amazon Local. Google News was the main news site, stood out in the automation sector and Amazon as web shopping.

These are revealing data, which confirm the fact that online behavior of users differs depending on the device they use to navigate; Therefore, the company has to have a different content strategy in each case, as well as take care of the mobile optimization of your site.

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