Benefits of having a garden office

A garden office can benefit your home and enhance your work-life balance. Here we look at a variety of benefits.

Benefits of having a garden office

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According to recent statistics, over four million Britons are now favouring working from home. With the average commute to London over an hour long, and spending a collective 10,600 hours at our computers over our lifetime, can you blame us?

No commute

Imagine the wasted hours due to getting into a suit, de-icing the car, waiting at the traffic lights and driving on traffic-clogged roads, or standing on a train too packed with commuters to even get a seat. You can leave the rat race behind by creating your ideal work environment in a garden studio at home, reducing your commute by 100 per cent.

Away from the home

Often it is not practical to work within the home, due to distractions and noise. You need to be able to separate work and your home life and to switch off and walk away from your desk as work finishes. Garden studios help to strike a positive life-work balance and increased productivity.

Benefits of having a garden office2

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Family time

When considering all the time you save on the commute, think of the time you now have for hobbies, the gym, and spending time with your family! If you cut your commute, that’s two hours a day saved, equalling an extra working day in your week! Everyone can agree that time goes by far too quickly, but a garden office enables you to utilise more of it.

Financial benefits

With no commute, there will be big savings on fuel and train tickets and even on a business wardrobe! You can offset the cost of a garden studio against your corporation tax; if VAT registered, you can also claim back the VAT on the studio. Speak to a professional garden studio business for advice, such as

Work environment

By commissioning a garden studio, you can create your perfect work environment suitable for all your needs. Cabins with good insulation enable you to work throughout the year, while windows and skylights can be positioned close to your desk to gain the best light and a wonderful view from your workspace. Dividing walls can be added, as can porches and canopies to make the most of your space. The possibilities are endless.

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