How to become an effective trainer

The ability to teach someone a new skill, profession or trade is not an easy task. It requires a great skill base beyond simply having knowledge of the subject you are trying to train the person in! What are the best approaches to becoming an effective trainer?

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First and foremost, they need good training themselves. This is where Train The Trainer Courses from the College of Public Speaking can be a real asset. They can provide effective training to the trainer so that they can speak with confidence and authority about the subject they are looking to train in.

Being an active listener is another skill that the trainer also needs to develop. This is not always something that can be taught. There has to be a degree of talent in the first place. In our modern working world, we try to put more emphasis on empathy. This is where someone tries to understand the other person and see things from their perspective in a non-judgmental way.

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Speaking clearly is also very important. Good diction, tone and pitch are what is required. Your voice when being a trainer is your best asset. Being able to speak with a resounding voice can make the training, for everyone, a much easier experience and much more enjoyable.

It’s often said that a good sense of humour can go a long way in a job. The same is more than true when it comes to training others as your sense of humour will help make the sessions come alive for your participants.

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