Creating the right environment for a business meeting

Creating the right environment for a business meeting

A business meeting requires a comfortable environment, and there is more to creating the correct ambience than simply setting out chairs and organising microphones and podiums. The temperature of the room, the seating layout and any required refreshments are all essential elements that must be considered. It’s only when something goes wrong in the meeting that attendees will notice, so it’s essential to ensure preparations are made well in advance.

Creating the right environment for a business meeting

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The right ambience is essential for business success

Means of travelling to the meeting should be a consideration, and there must be options for taking personal vehicles, or the organiser may consider hiring a bus. An email containing a map with clear written directions and an agenda should be sent out in advance, in addition to information on parking arrangements. A smooth transfer to the meeting will ensure all visitors arrive in a positive frame of mind and ready to brainstorm.

Attendees who know each other may wish to sit beside friends in the meeting, and this should be accommodated. A U-shaped table is best for training as it allows the presenters to see everyone and ensure there is interaction. For issue-solving, good interaction is required to enable a conclusion to be reached, so a round table is the preferred option. For decision-making, organisers may wish to consider placing a rectangular table with the speaker seated at the head.

Creating the right environment for a business meeting2

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Where you sit reveals something about your role

According to Quartz At Work, where you sit reveals something about your role in the organisation. It states that the power seat is the seat that is most visible in the room – usually the head of the table.

If you require a venue, there is a full range of business and conference facilities for hire at places offering meeting rooms Windsor. Sites like provide a host of benefits, including high-speed Wi-Fi and secure on-site parking facilities.

Heating and air conditioning should be regulated to ensure everyone is comfortable. It’s best to aim for a cool environment and correct lighting and to eliminate all room noises.

Providing name cards for guests, taking minutes, enjoying an ice breaker to ensure everyone is relaxed at the outset, and an evaluation when the meeting is completed are all points that should be considered.

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