5 reasons to use a commercial finance broker

If you are business owner looking for funding, you will be aware of how difficult the market is at the moment. Although interest rates suggest funding should be cheaper, balance sheets which are still recovering work against many entrepreneurs.

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While the government has encouraged lending in the mortgage market, the credit available to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) remains a challenging area. The Bank of England has reported that there has been a fall in lending to SMEs.

The attraction of acquiring a reliable commercial finance broker has never been greater, and there are tips on how to find the best broker and the advantages which accrue.

Five Reasons

1.      Access: Finding a lender can be difficult once you are reaching beyond your own banker. Brokers have access to lenders who will not take cold calls and rely upon their relationship with their brokers. They rely on them to weed out poor-risk applicants and put forward potential clients.

2.      Time: Commercial finance brokers can add value to any business simply by saving time, energy and money. When booking a holiday you may like to approach a travel agent. Hiring someone to do the same with your search for a financial solution, whether your company is based in London or you are looking for a commercial finance broker in Gloucestershire, such as http://www.choicecommercialfinance.co.uk/, will mean that the benefits are the same they will ease your path to much-needed finance.

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3.      Experts: Although business owners inevitably have a keen eye on finances, raising money may not be one of their key skills. Brokers, meanwhile, have that skill set and are members of professional bodies such as the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.

4.      Quality: Commercial brokers have been important in assuring continuing funding to UK businesses after the financial crisis hit. Nonetheless, it is important you do your homework before choosing an adviser. Look for a broker with the necessary experience and qualifications before entrusting your company’s future to them.

5.      Future: The decision to enlist the help of a commercial broker could be start of a meaningful relationship which can last over decades.


Although the immediate funding needs will be a key influence when choosing a broker, business owners should be looking for someone they trust and will be an ally in the years ahead.

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