Social Shopping. E-commerce and Online Marketing

Social Shopping. E-commerce and Online Marketing

The Social shopping is presented as a boost e – commerce online where users, customers and consumers recommend and value products such collaborative operation follows the patterns of traditional and social networks where everyone can participate and contribute their opinions and criteria. In this case, the Social Shopping uses this model to present the information of the most relevant products and have information shared by the experience of other users “consumers”.

Worried About Your Business's Reputation These Tips Can Help!The new era of social commerce is presented at a time when marketing it faces new concepts, trends and challenges. According to a Nielsen global study, 78% of consumers trust the mouth-mouth more than any other form of advertising. Trust is undoubtedly the key word for the success of ” Buzz Marketing “. This is the sensation that is transmitted from the opinion or impression about a recommended product that comes from close or familiar people. Therefore, it is also noteworthy that 61% of respondents take into account the assessments, opinions and recommendations made by other users and consumers through this type of networks, forums, blogs and other publications of the network.

The client is the one who recommends it is evident that when the client is the one that recommends, the products and the brand charge and acquire greater credibility. The experience of other consumers is the highest reference taken into account by those who research, compare or are interested in certain products before deciding which will be the best option to buy. 80% of consumers who make purchases online have their confidence in brands when they offer evaluations and comments from other consumers. This is revealed by a study conducted in the US by Bazaarvoice, which also states that three out of four people surveyed consider it very important, very useful and helpful, to be able to access the opinions of other users who have already had the opportunity to Test the products for which we are interested.

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