Companies with more future prioritize their investments in marketing in times of crisis

Companies with more future prioritize their investments in marketing in times of crisis

Abandoned by the economic crisis, companies change their strategic vision to a more short-sighted one. On many occasions it is happening that investments in communication and marketing are being reduced, something unthinkable in other times.

Business strategyHowever, this is an error of approach and marketing investments must be prioritized, as different experts have commented in the presentation of the publication Las Empresas con Mas Futuro, a work by Lid Editorial collaboration with the consultancy CRF.
In the words of Pablo Montañes, professor of the Institute of company is fundamental at this moment in which the companies leave the businesses that reflect and have a vision of the future. From his point of view, knowing that there are a score of organizations that do things well is an interesting initiative, but that should not make other companies want to be like them and lose their personality.
In many cases you have to prevent companies from dying of success and in this context the communication is strategic, of course? For Ivana Casaburi, Esade professor is bad news that companies are focusing on the short term. It is a conservative behavior and is not the most appropriate. From its strategic vision it is essential that companies have a Marketing Metrics system help optimize marketing investment.
It is about maintaining the personality of the brand in these times of crisis and opening the investment to new markets such as the online advertising that is currently booming, as well as the actions at the point of sale, Through Field Marketing, which is taking on a lot of notoriety, Salvador Ibáñez explained in his speech how it has been this time the process of making this publication that is now in its second edition.
The 21 selected organizations have satisfactorily passed the 80-question evaluation questionnaire, prepared by Deloitte and supervised by a panel of experts of the stature of Pedro Nueno , Pascual Montañés, Ivana Casaburi, Manuel Romera, Carlos Obeso and Aldo Olcese. To the five evaluation criteria contemplated in the previous volume: Innovation, Strategy, Market, Financial Management and Personnel Management, the Social Responsibility of the Company (CSR) is now added, understood as a transversal management tool, great incidence in the perception of the groups of interest and that allows to generate a significant return.
The relationship this year of the companies with More futureit is made up of 3M prestige companies; Atos Origin; Bankinter; Caixa Galicia; Clece; Collosa; Cristian Lay; Egmasa; Ford General Cable; GMV: Banco Popular Group; Henkel Ibérica Hospital Sant Joan de Déu IBERDROLA; Indra; Novartis; OHL; Sacyr Vallehermoso; Telefónica; Zurich Each of the chapters of this work, edited by LID Editorial, have been written by independent journalists and experienced in economics and business, from their visits to companies and interviews with senior executives, to know their strategy towards the future.

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