Online Marketing is a reality that no company can ignore

Online Marketing is a reality that no company can ignore

Online marketing combined with traditional marketing strategies can be very beneficial for companies. Far from what many users and professionals think, they are not exclusive, but beneficial, they are the two wheels of a vehicle.

However, online marketing can be one of the most effective tools, as it allows us to reach where traditional marketing methods have not reached before, as well as being perfect for customer loyalty. It is essential to carry out online marketing campaigns if we want to improve our brand image and generate profits and synergies.

Brands will continue to increase their budgets in Content MarketingThe main tool of the new online marketing is Social Networks and everything that surrounds it, the social ecosystem. These platforms can help us derive traffic to our website, and they are a perfect opportunity to let us know. An example is the data offered by Hua Marketing, which shows how 75% of small companies have a profile in Social Networks, of which only 6% think they have suffered damage to their image motivated by their presence in these new channels.

In addition, 61% of companies say they use their presence in Social Networks to improve engagement with the customer, to create a much closer relationship, as well as to identify the needs of their target audience and attract new customers.

We can not forget either, the new possibilities now offered by the new phones and mobile devices that have definitely driven mobile marketing. QR codes, applications, ingame advertising, a wide range of options really interesting for companies and advertisers.

Geolocation is another resource that companies can and should use to get more visibility. Thanks to this tool, different companies can be seen more easily by users. One example, there are many more than 4 million businesses present on the Google Places platform, businesses that are distributed among restaurants, with 34% presence, several stores by 23%, 7% of entertainment services, 8% of sports services such as gyms, local services among others.

Advertise on coupon pages, such as Groupon, is also an option for companies. It is worth noting that more than 1155 people buy products or services daily in Groupon. Regarding the businesses that have used this platform, it can be said that 95% would use it again and recommend it to other businesses.

Regarding the most traditional advertising on the internet, popular banners are still indispensable in any marketing strategy, as it is a way to redirect traffic to our website, attract new customers and boost brand branding, although increasingly, advertising prevails in specialized and thematic channels and media against mass advertising campaigns for millions of impressions. In relation to this, highlight the proliferation of new formats that also take advantage of the potential of the video and those that prevail over the already obsolete banners of 468 x 90 that have definitely stopped having the effectiveness of yesteryear.

For its part, SEO will never be what it used to be. Now SEO is Social and not only depends exclusively on web optimization. However, search engine optimization is still an important pillar of online marketing strategies for companies and brands that aim to win and improve their visibility on the Internet, where new indicators and factors are now part of the game.

In this rapid journey through the new reality that happens to us, there are few or no reasons to leave aside the importance of the Internet and technology as part of the strategy of your business. Are you ready to start?

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