Content marketing and gentlemen of the table resound

Content marketing and gentlemen of the table resound

The Internet is the medium of instantiate, of the here and now; what a few hours ago no longer works, we need fresh news continuously. Our insatiable thirst for knowledge forces the constant proliferation of content. This has generated a dynamic in which various factors intervene.

ContentGenerate content to gain notoriety as a brand and attract the user by giving new stories and experiences, is the basis of inbound marketing or ‘attraction 2.0 marketing’. And if in this Royal family, where the content is the King and its context the Queen, Frequency and Promotion are presented as direct children and descendants of this royalty.

But we also found gentlemen at their round table. Essential figures in the development, production and flow of that information that requires the concrete figure of different professional profiles.

Blogger. The protagonist of the social media landscape. You are watching your ideas, knowledge and thoughts. You can exercise different roles, from acting as a trendsetter, opinion generator, to an expert on your subject, or spokesperson for the brand. Always going to give us to know interesting news, which you welcome willingly and, if you like, you will share. In a way, it is a reciprocal relationship: he brings knowledge to you, you disseminate it.

Storyteller Great artificer of the word. Its maxim is: “Send your message, yes, but do it in a different way”. Create a story that involves, write an argument around the main idea, get the reader to devour from beginning to end, and want to know more; to become your follower, recommend and share your content, what else can you ask for?

Content Curator. Renewal to power. Part of their job is to analyze trends, track the network and extract the most relevant from each topic. It has the facility to gather interesting data about the same topic and with them create new quality content.

Copywritter. The gift to turn an idea that may sound crazy, in a message with sense, but that hooks. Day by day surprises with his labia, his power to see things differently. His work is especially oriented to convey the benefits of a company or product, but in a very subtle way; the message reaches the consumer directly, it is the art of selling, without commercial arguments.

The media and social networks,  are preferred for the promotion and dissemination of all content channels. A channeler through which the information spreads rapidly can reach a viral effect and where the habits to share their users are the manna of any planned strategy.

We can not forget the figure of the  Community Manager as the guardian gentleman who watches and puts all his effort into making the “content machine” work in social environments. Their participation can be as crucial as that of the blogger or Content Curator, since their involvement extends beyond that of generating such information. Participate in the reactions, promote and analyze the scope and impact of each strategic action.

Of course, we can not forget the last links of this chain, which are no less important. And is that quality and relevance are undoubtedly the greatest assets and the greatest guarantee that any content strategy can generate a good impact and impact. Without them, any effort can become a futile attempt.

We only have one privileged place in this round table. That reserved to your brand, business or company, which defines the objective and aims to win a certain audience Are you willing to sit on it?

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