Mobile optimization, another big challenge for marketers

Mobile optimization, another big challenge for marketers

Mobile optimization is one of the priorities; This is considered by 43% of the marketers who took part in the study carried out by Econsultancy, in collaboration with Adobe. This report especially highlights the importance of offering the user a positive experience, adapted to each device and the place where it is. 

Mobile optimization, another big challenge for marketersThis annual report also highlights that the promotion of engagement has been relegated to second place, with a significant drop (from 54% to 35%), competing in order of importance with the appearance on the scene this year of the segmentation and personalization of the message. 

Another area that has experienced a significant increase, almost to double, is content marketing, with the support of 30% of respondents, compared to 18% the previous year. 

The study highlights the interest of professionals in the sector to offer quality content, with a high communicative intentionality, personalizing and adapting the message to each user, especially taking into account the consumption of content through mobile devices. 

Content optimization and the conversion rate continue to have a significant presence (27% and 25%, respectively), although it has dropped significantly compared to 2012 (37% and 31%). By contrast, this year 23% of marketers planned to take advantage of the potential of automation, compared to 11% of the previous period. This is a very effective practice that will improve your productivity. 

As for areas that lose interest in 2012, viral marketing and brand building (18% vs. 27%), video marketing (18% vs. 24%) and Social Media analytics (14% vs. 19%). 

There is also a slight interest in intelligent television, whose use is still very incipient, but that in the near future will give much to talk about.

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