Social Media and the wisdom of the new “SOLOMO King”

Social Media and the wisdom of the new “SOLOMO King”

The media landscape has a new king, who governs with wisdom and equity among its three main areas of influence: social, mobile and local, it is the new “SOLOMO King.” Its power lies in knowing how to take advantage of the best of each one, for the benefit of the brand, and offer the people what they want, when they need it and wherever they are. 

Social Media and the wisdom of the new SOLOMO KingUsers are becoming more social. Facebook already has over 1.2 billion registered users, more than half of whom are active users, where they spend approximately 7 hours per month. A practice that has been reinforced by the development of mobile technology. According to Socialbakers, 54% of their Facebook users access their social profiles through the mobile.

Mobility gives new wings to users: 80% of the world’s population has a mobile. The United States is the second country with the highest number of mobiles, with 172 million; Only surpassed by China, with 270 million. This year the number of American smartphone users is expected to exceed 93 million. 

Those who are permanently connected. According to Nielsen, the time spent on social networks has doubled through mobile devices. 8 out of 10 users in Spain already access social networks through their mobile devices, as reflected in the latest IAB report. Most users use the apps to access their profiles, which is a 76% increase over the previous year. 

What is a great opportunity for consumption, Both online and in physical stores. In 2012, 24% of Black Friday purchases came from mobile devices, compared to 6% registered in 2010. This new interactivity has given way to showrooming, users go shopping with the mobile. According to TechBargains, 77% of men used to compare prices and find the most interesting deals, along with 67% of women. In this way, companies must diversify their strategy, in order to reach this target audience permanently connected. Thus bidi codes and exclusive offerings of the “here and now” type can take users to action. 

Brands must engage their customers at the right time, appearing in the right place. 50% of the local searches are done through the mobile. According to the latest JiWire report on the behavior of mobile users, 62% show their geolocation in the updates of their social profiles. Pew Research also indicates that 74% consume geolocalized information on their smartphone, and that 18% turn to social platforms that offer these services, such as Foursquare to check in and share that location with their friends. To facilitate the search for services and products around them, smartphones also offer various options. Without going any further, Facebook has a tab called “near you”, where suggestions and recommendations from geolocalized companies appear. 

How to take advantage of this reign? 

Companies can not stand idle at this opportunity they have served on a platter. Users constantly demand information, at a certain time and place are you there to offer it?

  • Optimize your mobile page. It takes care of its indexing as well as the usability of the page, as well as its correct operation. Visibly highlight the ways of contact with your company, so they can turn to you in case of need.
  • Create a mobile marketing strategy with a high social component. Implement the social buttons on your page, create actions specifically aimed at your community. Offer attractive and quality content, with which they enjoy and want to share their friends.
  • Design conversion-oriented actions, both within your physical store and online. Take advantage that you already have them at home and are looking for the best price who better than you to give it?
  • It encourages the interaction between your users, who share their opinion about the products they have purchased, encourages their loyalty with exclusive advantages; Make them feel proud of your brand and want to talk about it.
  • Work to strengthen your geolocation. Register your business in Google Places, open your Foursquare profile and give it life. Contemplate the possibility of inserting advertising on Facebook. In short, value all the options at your fingertips to have the largest online presence.

Are you already a subject of the new “SOLOMO King”? How do you take advantage of the privileges it offers you?

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