The house of the book and the crisis that splashes to the community managers

The house of the book and the crisis that splashes to the community managers

The news of the incident jumped to the front after making a hole in the cover of the popular website, where a user denounced the irregularities detected after a contest realized in the social network of Facebook.

“The community manager of La Casa del Libro decides to keep the tickets and closes the contest just after the 4 friends who needed to answer the question they proposed for the contest.” Thus this user expressed his indignation at discovering this alleged deception despite the insistence to obtain answers to his repeated messages, also recognizing, to be the author of one of the correct answers that made him worthy of the prize in question. One of the four double stage tickets for The Hole, at the Teatro Calderón, on October 31st.

Brands will continue to increase their budgets in Content MarketingFor this, this user used the online website where he explained with all kinds of details such irregularities and the argumentation of such suspects in the absence and impossibility of obtaining a response or explanation of what happened.

However, the thread of this debate that originated through the website itself “menéame”, left us a much more bitter taste after the dissemination of this event, with opinions and comments of all kinds such as “What can be expected from a smoke-based profession that sells a smoke-based industry. “,” Community Manager is Corruption! ” or “What do you usually ask to be a Community Manager? I still do not know anyone who can not go through half an asshole or an asshole.”

As we can see, beyond the repercussion of what happened and its possible outcomes, it seems that the figure of this type of professionals is being subjected to a harsh prosecution derived from this type of practices that finally end up seriously damaging the image of the own brand, and to a sector in boom and growth where perhaps regrettably, it is not gold everything that shines.

And it is true that, despite how much we have tackled this issue, there are still those who pretend to put into the hands of anyone, the helm of a ship that can end up drifting.

A new lesson learned to understand that any community manager must also have specialized training and multiple knowledge, great respect and involvement with and towards the brand leaving evidence that their actions and responses are not absent moral or ethical. These should be the pillars of the professional who with effort, act accordingly and representation of a company in the social media, where there is almost no room for errors since the mark is one but thousands are the eyes that observe them.

Obviously, we can not prosecute a whole group for the mistakes of a few. However, if we want them to be valued with respect, and to leave behind the prejudices, topics and legends that end up dirtying the work of other professionals, we will have to begin to understand the need and predisposition of the companies and brands themselves to conceive this role as that of a qualified professional, and not that of a position that can be delegated to anyone balbucee in their dead hours in social networks.

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