13 Tips for using Twitter as a tool for customer service

13 Tips for using Twitter as a tool for customer service

The adaptation of social networks by users continues to increase, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants’ “Changing the Game” Report shows that the top 15 social networks have 1.4 billion users.

Twitter and the emotional aspect of following and rewarding the most loyal followersSpecifically, Twitter registers one million new adepts every day, it is an ideal channel to contact directly with customers, both for the agility of response offered, and for its ease of use and effectiveness. Some aspects to consider in order to optimize your potential:

Design a specific action strategy for Twitter, including the development of the most common scenarios, along with guidelines for behavior in case of crisis. Brent Leary’s latest Social Commitment Index, Social Media Today, indicates that the main reasons that delay the response time in Social Media are the search for a response (41%) waiting for instructions on how to respond (3. 4%); or find an appropriate response (27%).

Create your own account for customer support through Twitter; this way you will facilitate the management of this type of communication. On the other hand the users will feel that they direct their message to the indicated place. This practice is especially indicated in the case of large accounts, which have a high activity index. If it is a small company you can start using the generic account of the brand and, if necessary, announce the opening of a new channel.

Uses monitoring tools. They are essential to comb the social environment, to know the mentions to the brand, the conversations in which it is involved and, of course, the requests and demands of the customers.

Responds in an agile and effective way.Try to be resolute, give the client the answer you expect or at least the treatment you deserve and the appropriate guidance. He avoids by all means that he feels that the person who cares for him is not qualified for it, or that he tries to make him dizzy by making him go from one place to another.

Take care of the language and mode of expression. Remember that you transmit the image of the company, therefore, at the head of your Twitter account there must be qualified personnel, who knows both the medium in which they will develop their activity, and the company, its internal operation and products or services

It brings human value.Displays the actual data of the person who is going to serve your users. Even if it is a corporate profile, it will always be more effective for customers to address a specific person, not a brand, in an ambiguous way.

Always watch for the privacy of your customers’ data. Take special care when requesting personal data, such as personal documentation, bank details or email addresses. Watch your actions comply with the Data Protection Act (LOPD).

Duly promote this channel of customer care;both through the web, social profiles and other communication actions, whether online or offline. Invite your customers to participate by providing their comments and suggestions. Raising the participation rate will also serve as a tool to promote engagement.

Create a FAQ section, which includes the most frequently asked questions and queries made by users. On the one hand, this practice will prevent you from answering the same questions over and over again, while allowing you to optimize your work, earmarking your time for other more productive and interesting jobs for your clients.

Be aware of the limitations of the medium.Twitter is a microblogging platform, where the maximum answer occupies 140 characters. If a problem of considerable importance arises, it is not possible to solve tuxes, you have to be able to move this conversation to a more direct and private environment, either via mail or phone, without the customer feeling unattended.

Be clear when to send a direct message. If the solution of the problem is lengthened, the conversation reaches an inappropriate tone, or requires a particular personal involvement, it is sometimes convenient to continue the conversation in private, making use of the DM. If so, pay particular attention to not making mistakes and publicly issuing information that should not be displayed?

Indicates when and where you are available.Whether you have established a customer service schedule, or if the brand has several accounts in several countries, with different fields of action, it is important that you clearly specify in which time zone you are available, and to which geographic region your performance is reduced.

Follow up after your actions. Show your customers that you care about them. Once you have completed the integral management of your query, let a few days go by and contact your client again. Start the conversation, ask him about his degree of satisfaction and motivate him to intervene. In this way you have taken a step towards your loyalty.

Do you use Twitter as a tool for customer service? Do you prefer any other social network for this function?

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