Things to consider when choosing a courier company

When it comes to delivering the goods, you need to know that the courier service you choose is representing you in the best way possible. This is even more important if you run your business entirely online as the courier company is the only human interaction that a customer will have with your business, unless they call you. Here are some ideas to help you choose wisely:

  1. Cost

No business wants to blow all their profits on courier companies so make sure you shop around and get yourself a deal you’re happy with. Contact several companies, get lots of quotes and compare what is included in each package. There are online tools to help you find courier services who are already travelling routes you need so see if you can negotiate a deal based on that fact.

  1. Check Reviews

Don’t think it’s too much to ask for references. This is your business and livelihood at stake so you need to know you’re in safe hands. Search for the companies online and see what past and current customers are saying about their service. The website Shiply will provide you with courier reviews as well as showing you companies who are already making deliveries in your desired area.

Things to consider when choosing a courier company

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  1. Appearance

If the courier is the one face that your customers will see, you’ll want to know that they are professional –  does the company have a set of driver standards and do they wear a uniform? Do the drivers receive any customer care training? Ask for detailed information about the company policies so you know exactly what to expect. All of these points are very important as you are outsourcing a part of your business with your reputation attached to it.

  1. Delivery Speed

What objectives do you have for your business? Whichever way you see your business will affect the way in which you want your product delivered. Being a low-cost, bargain outfit means you can negotiate a slower delivery deal with your courier. If you want super-fast delivery times to wow your customers or your products are of an urgent nature then you’ll want to invest more heavily in express same day or overnight delivery. For Reading Couriers, visit
Things to consider when choosing a courier company2
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  1. Tracking

To protect your products, reputation and customers you’ll need tracking as a necessity for your parcels. This should be a major factor in deciding which courier firm to choose as you will always want to offer a tracking ability to your customers for peace of mind. Should there be any delay or problems with an order, everyone involved is able to log in and see where the parcel is currently located.

  1. Size isn’t everything

Don’t automatically think a big company is the best option. Shop around and speak to a variety of big names and smaller independent operators. Ideally you want a company that is big enough to cope well logistically but small enough to care about your account and your business. After all, your business will mean more to a smaller company than it will to a market giant.

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