The 8 Steps of an Online Marketing Strategy for Hotels and Cottages

The 8 Steps of an Online Marketing Strategy for Hotels and Cottages

My experience in my work as a 360 online marketing strategist with clients and students (responsible for hotels, tourism managers …) is that everyone is really very clueless and does not know well what they need or how to make their business Have a coherent and strong online presence. Therefore, I decided to document the 8 steps to achieve a complete digital strategy. A protocol to rely on when planning our online strategy …

Accommodation Type Evaluation

Before starting any type of digital marketing strategy, we must know the type of Hotel that we have (design, rustic, …) and its objectives, type of customer to which it is addressed, type of services we will offer, location (monumental, commercial,. ..) 

Define business objective and consequently the objective of the website and strategy 360, realistically and with achievable goals evaluation of necessarily staff in the marketing area.

The 8 Steps of an Online Marketing Strategy for Hotels and Cottages1 Revenue Manager / Channel Manager: In charge of managing the occupation and maintain the consistency of prices in the different portals or distribution channels (IDS’s) 

(Inhouse or Outsourcing) Expert in Web Design (knowledge of WordPress), knowledge in I am looking for a job in the field of web analytics, web analytics, web analytics, web analytics, web analytics, web analytics, web analytics, Google Adwords), advanced knowledge in campaigns SEM and Facebook Ads, Ad Servers (workings of Traffic Manager), advanced knowledge of digital marketing strategies in different platforms. 

STEP 1 DIGITAL STRATEGY: WORDPRESS DEVELOPMENT OF A WEB “ As an online presence and publication management tool. The web must be designed and developed to be registered and indexed in the main search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!), as well as work on their positioning in them, using SEO techniques and SEM campaigns. This is vital for a good initial positioning, although it will require continuous reviews depending on the events that are done in the city, new offers? At the positioning level, we will use RICH SNIPPETS for search results, so that it sets us apart from the competition, using METADATA to allow us to display an image in the search result, along with the description of the hotel. We must display clickable icons to our social networks with the links shortened by BITLY to obtain statistics of clicks made on those icons. All pages and entries on the website must have their SHARE BUTTONS that allow users to share their information in their own social profiles. 

Mobile version

It does not make sense to create a web without its mobile version. More than 50% of the hotel searches performed come from a mobile device. 
We will use a model based on RESPONSIVE DESIGN to cover a wide range of terminals. In fact with this type of design we cover practically all mobile devices. We can also assess the use of ADAPTED templates. We do not value at first the development of a native application (for iphone or android) as we will not normally use terminal features that require this type of development for this hotel. However, we may value the possibility that we are interested in having our hotel available in the Google Play and App Store app stores. 


FIRMA DE MAILS The first door to capture traffic to our website and social networks will be our mail signature. It must have the same social icons as the web. As well as the name of the apartment. Which sends poorly.

The foot of the signature should also be used to insert images that announce new promos that we have. These promos will lead to the most convenient landing page within our website, and will be labeled CAMPAIGN for the statistics registry in Google Analytics.

In fact all the links that are of this type of promos will be labeled like CAMPAÑAS. 


the type of hotel, target audience, website objective, …, we can choose different networks, the ones that suit us best, being essential TWITTER (launch offers, call center), FACEBOOK (Promotion of brand, offers, call center), Pinterest (promotion of brand and services, generates more than 57% of traffic to hotels websites), GOOGLE + (page) (essential for good SEO positioning), FOURSQUARE By geolocation of the client). 

In addition we must correctly register in GOOGLE PLACES, so that GOOGLE MAPS places us correctly and shows our services. 

LINKEDIN is a very interesting network for DIRECCIÓN to generate an important network of professional contacts that impact on the business, as well as potential customers, such as event planners, travel agents, congress managers, business associations. 


We must register with those who adapt to our sector or type of hotel, in addition to TRIPADVISOR or BOOKING. 

We must also register for portals aimed at finding last minute hotel or best offer from the mobile, such as REALLYLATEBOOKING or JUSTBOOK, as these portals capture impulsive weekend bookings, and on the other hand have systems to put Selling rooms from one day to the next and are unsold, with good discounts and prominently within a city.

This makes the difference and stands out from the competition in this kind of last minute “impulsive” booking. 


Ode stationery and offline media should include our presence on social networks and facilitate access through the mobile, using QR codes.

We must also highlight this digital presence on the doors of the hotel, with their respective QR codes, or a single code that leads directly to the contact page in our mobile portal, from which directly access our social profiles, geolocation of the hotel. .. 

These QR codes should also be tagged as a campaign for your Google Analytics registration.


We must also count on measurement tools of return of investment, like Google Analytics as well as others to measure our influence in Social Media.

We must know what our conversion page is on our website (that is, the final page where a reservation is completed or a form is sent requesting more info), what has been our investment in marketing, how much we assume of potential and real income A reservation, …. All this will help us to identify our performance indicators and know well if we are achieving the goals set for which the website was designed. 


You must work side by side with the marketing department to inform you of last minute offers, promotions or occupations, so that they can give you output through digital channels. 

It is essential to use a computer tool to update prices simultaneously in different channels or IDSs 


WHATSAPP: This mobile instant messaging application so widespread, can give us a point of differentiation with respect to the competition and as added value that will improve our services and our image.

Clients can be included in a group of WHATSAPP so that there is a two-way communication, where we can inform them from the meal times, the menus of the day, or recommend them events of the city that day or places to visit by sending the geolocation – And the clients can warn of problems that may have or request information or recommendations of visits. 


It can be included in the mobile version of our web, access to a layer of augmented reality oriented to the city’s tourism. 


We must integrate a platform of this type in our reservation system so that the client, once the reservation is made, will receive a sms to the mobile confirming the details.

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