7 tips to make your Social Media strategy work

7 tips to make your Social Media strategy work

If we look back it is easy to see the brutal evolution of technology and with it the success of social networks in recent years. In the personal sphere they are more than consolidated as a way to connect with the world and learn about the things that happen. It is not the same in the professional field.

There are still many companies that do not make use of Social Media and in turn the Social Media continue to evolve to offer a better service to them. On the other hand there are also many companies that have decided to start in this world for the simple fact of being novel and are not seeing the immediate results they expected. It is this case usually abandon the profiles they have created leaving them in sight of all and half. This is much worse than having no profile. When a company decides to open a profile must be clear that from there will have to work on it.

7 tips to make your Social Media strategy workA brand strategy in social networks is never going to give immediate results, patience and the 7 steps that are mentioned below are some of the keys for your company to succeed. 

Coherence with the brand 

It is important to know how to transmit the brand image through your platforms. Many companies comment on the mistake of creating a completely different profile for each social network. Details like keeping the same color, the same logo, same typeface, style and of course send a coherent and unitary message make the difference. It is also a good way to help make your brand easy to memorize and recognized just after seeing the profile. 

Make good use of each social network

You do not need to be a social media guru to find out the different tools that each social network offers and know how to get the most out of them, it’s worth to say that you also have to take hours to gradually learn to use them better. What you have to be clear is what networks we are going to use and what are the most profitable for the type of business you have. 

Give it the value it deserves

If you provide value, you will attract attention. The network is full of countless competition but most of it does not offer real value to its followers. It is important to know how to help the rest to help yourself, getting feddback from your followers is very important. In this section is very important the content you generate. If it is of quality and it is oriented to your public soon you will get answers and viralización of this one. 

You do not have to be unique

Generating content with true value for your followers does not imply that you have to invent the theory of relativity. What is needed is to have a more concrete focus on your target and the network through which you disseminate, discover your niche market and exploit it on a daily basis. 

Get update

At this point I want to make special emphasis. Many companies are successful in making themselves known, but they are not able to build loyalty and get new customers. That is why it is important that you offer new ideas to attract the attention of the public and that it speaks and shares. Always generating the same content ends up boring your readers who already know what they will find if they enter your profile. 

Appears frequently

In order to position yourself among your competitors, it is important that you be present continuously in the media. This is a background race where it is not worth to see you today and disappear next week. I insist that it is a daily work where continuity and presence are just as important as the content you offer. 


Most of the improvements in communication strategies are achieved through tracking and performance. You have to be careful not to leave your strategy to your fate. It is important to carry out each follow-up to see what works, what does not and why. Knowing the different tools that monitor (measure the results) of your networks is fundamental.

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