A vision of Marketing for 2016

A vision of Marketing for 2016

2015 ends and we cannot stop the temptation to make predictions about the behavior of some parameters of the economy will during 2016. In my case, I will focus on those that particularly concern the field of marketing. Strategic area of the company can translate the vision and objectives in this business numbers that will result in indirect obtaining direct benefits for their owners (via dividends) and employees (via sustaining employment) and to society (via contribution market value).

One of the issues that stand out, supported by the development of technology, is called Big Data or endless accumulation of data on individuals, their transactions, their habits and their interests, hobbies and relationships with others … a massive accumulation of information to be collected, structured, retrieved and analyzed intelligently to have descriptive and predictive utility.

We are in the era of massive data revolution (V. Schönberger) that can be manipulated with efficient results thanks to tools with increasing storage capacity and analysis systems customized to suit the intended objectives. The so-called artificial intelligence has burst in the field of data mining although there is a tendency to overestimating as if it depended on the success of the company.

However, the data are data and artificial intelligence provides analysis capability with complex models whose results are just information is also expressed in data, which are meaningless if there are no people who can organize, interpret and make them understandable. This may seem logical, it is not what really happens in the light of recent studies on the use of Big Data in most companies, since a high percentage does not handle well the data structure and get useful results.

A vision of Marketing for 2016

This situation is important because one of the resources that are going to emerge in 2016 is the DaaS (Data as a Service) or service delivery model to centralize and enrich data for a company may have information quickly, efficiently and aimed at achieving objectives, especially in digital marketing actions where the immediacy of action and multichannel today are principles that can ensure the success of a commercial activity.

A derivative of these exercises is the digital marketing mobile marketing, which amply exceed the target desktop devices. The mainstream adoption of mobile terminals by users and recording of transactions and operations conducted, provide a key to order the supply of products or services based on individual consumer profiles frame.

Task will be enhanced if premium content on the pure act of sale. Users no longer accept direct proposals do not come preceded by stories that involve direct and emotionally. Content marketing will be reinforced by audiovisual resources as instant form of communication able to snag the receiver and push decision making consumption.

But the plethora of opportunities to choose and the number of channels through which to receive a message complicate excessively the business landscape, which only can be minimized if it is able to provide a unique customer experience, especially if they moved the feeling that they are the protagonists of the relationship with the chosen brand.

Therefore, what some years ago “was called one2one marketing “now becomes indispensable to attract and retain loyal customers requirement. The personalization of the offer and the rewards will make consumers feel more emotionally involved with the company and, therefore, these generate a greater number of recommendations both direct and through social networks.

In fact, according to recent study by Global Trust in Advertising, Nielsen, over 50% of consumers admit being influenced in offline environments, for family and friends rather than by other means when you make a purchase. In addition, prescribers themselves are more likely to use the brand more recommended as a result of having obtained a high satisfaction, most often a result of an activation process called “collaborative marketing”.

After all the discussion in the field of marketing, the most significant is that the economy behaves in response to the trust that people have placed in the system, in its sense of fairness about the relationship between wages and perceived price of products and services that can be purchased as a reaction to the corrupt and anti-social behavior of some individuals with institutional or political relevance, to varying economic culture of the society to understand the adjustments or misalignments of concepts such as inflation and the deflation and its consequences, as a result of the relationships that occur between the stories and the lives of people and how they face to the community.

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