Hold onto your green focus, even in troubled times

Hold onto your green focus, even in troubled times

Green issues top the agenda when business is good. When trading conditions get worse, however, there is a danger that businesses will focus on survival and see environmental concerns as a luxury they cannot afford. This is a short-sighted approach; paying attention to green issues is good for business and the planet.

The manufacturing sector has a huge impact on climate change. The industry is responsible for 25 per cent of the UK’s carbon emissions and is the third biggest user of energy after transport and housing. If the UK is to achieve its ambitious carbon emissions target, the manufacturing industry will have to go – and stay – green. Whether you’re building trains in Derbyshire or precision engineering in Sussex, your business contributes to the success or failure of national and international environmental aims.

Reducing costs

All businesses should look for ways to reduce the amount of fuel and electricity they consume. Reducing energy usage decreases carbon emissions and your carbon footprint. It is also worth pointing out that reducing energy and fuel consumption can save a business huge amounts of money.

Hold onto your green focus

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Caring for the environment can be profitable, as Rick Fedrizzi explained to Forbes.

Energy is expensive

In the UK, electricity prices have increased by 75 per cent over the last ten years, and gas prices have risen 125 per cent over the same period. UK manufacturers pay the highest energy prices in the EU15. In fact, they are more than 70 per cent above the median. It is therefore obvious why many leading manufacturers put energy costs and consumption high up on their list of priorities. You can find out more about this issue on The Engineer.

When you are paying so much for energy, it makes sense to ensure that you are using it wisely. Keeping your workplace energy efficient can reduce your operating costs by a considerable margin.

Attracting more customers

Customers are increasingly concerned with the green credentials of the companies they use. Customers of businesses such as http://www.sussexprecision.co.uk/ want to know that the products are eco-friendly along with the processes used in manufacturing.

Green issues don’t have to be “extras” that are only considered when business is good; they can be central to your business survival when times get tough.

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