Social brands really committed, brands with a higher reputation

Social brands really committed, brands with a higher reputation

No one doubts that in social media, without ethics, without values and without compromises, there is no brand. We can not analyze social platforms as marketing tools and consolidation of influences, if we do not accept that Social Media has modified the global unit of global thought.

Networks composed of a universe of Networkers in constant process of specialization, study and innovation, which results in feedback satisfaction of needs and interests, publicly and exposed to social assessment, without limits and without interruption. What do you think about the level of demands? No, Social Media is not for everyone!

Social brands really committed, brands with a higher reputationThe Social Media and its 3 great myths

To start we must banish some myths always present when talking about social networks. 1.-It is not true that social networks are “free”. 2.-It is not true that it is enough to be in the social fabric and have high budgets to build a brand. 3.-And … it is not demagogy that ethics and commitment define the supply and demand curves that build the companies’ income accounts.

However, there are many brands that fail on their way to achieving influence and growth, which leads us to ask ourselves;

  • Is the presence in Social Media, enough to consolidate a good influence?
  • Are social networks a panacea for the entire business world and entrepreneurship?
  • How do the variables associated with the human condition that directly affect success in social media (commitment, ethics, etc.) become tangible?

Social networks are not for everyone

Great truth !; we can not forget that we are moving forward with a global, structural and transversal change towards connected – again – societies that interact in community, governed by the guidelines of efficiency, distribution, production, barter, teamwork, finally .

Talent, specialization, learning ability, empathy, honesty, transparency, leadership, there are many knowledge and skills necessary to build an influence in social networks. If your brand is not ready, do not throw yourself!

Prosumers and social networks, public and private nature in the process of change

Everyone shares information online, there is no obstacle when reviewing profiles of other users and for the current consumer, controlling their own brand is inherent in their interaction.

The connection networks that are formed are increasingly broad and complex, the social phenomenon is transferred to an unlimited universe from belonging to groups united by common interests or needs.

Social media is just part of the business world

Social platforms are tools that allow us to develop more global and efficient strategies. However, the need to establish solid and long-term ties based on trust and credibility can not end with a conversation on a “wall”. The current consumer seeks an offline life governed by online values and commitments. Let’s not neglect our relationships in the real world!

The impact and emotion are born of commitment

It is too common a mistake to find brands that end their career in social media due to a lack of acceptance of the real dimension that the term “emotion” has acquired.

We must be very clear that only the transformation of the impact (capture) into emotion (evangelization) is achieved through the fulfillment of our commitments. Users are increasingly demanding with the reasons that lead them to link with brands and trust is the key to achieve this.

No room for maneuver, in social media or compromises are fulfilled or reputation disappears

Finally, it is necessary not to forget at any time that the lack of trust and credibility (deficiencies in customer service) coupled with the current global crisis that has forced the “forced landing” of societies, puts us before a higher level of demands.

It becomes more complex to maintain the commitments acquired unless these are sustained on the basis of the new business culture, where honesty and transparency pay the way on which brands travel on their way to growth.

There is no room for maneuver; changing the business culture from within the organization and developing a “passionate” nature with the satisfaction of the needs of others, is essential to enter the Social Media. Beware of commitments!

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