24 mistakes to avoid as an entrepreneur

24 mistakes to avoid as an entrepreneur

Whenever we have before us the challenge of starting a new project, either because we are first-timers in this, or the emotion of the moment or simply because we are human and we make mistakes, it is very healthy to review the most common mistakes in entrepreneurship with intention that we win in caution and discover certain aspects not covered by a first situational analysis.

24 mistakes to avoid as an entrepreneurI will point 24, which in my opinion are the most common:

1- Undertake not only out of necessity: Although you can go directly to the time is a little precarious, the main motivation should be the opportunity to have found a feasible market accompanied by the best attitude.

2- That making money is your only goal: I agree that it is an end in itself economic compensation but there must always be something more: passion for the chosen sector, take a different approach to your former profession or personal fulfillment.

3- About assess your skills: You can give to us in very different areas but not all. Learn to be helped by complementary skills to yours. That will make the company more competitive.

4- Make a business plan too optimistic: almost always happens that we are experts at making “the tale of the old” and in 3 months and be earning good money. You can make your predictions but reliable estimates for when you have proven your product.

5- Ask your little environment: It is your duty to ask as many people first see your business model. That information is too valuable to start without her.

6- Do not pick your partners carefully: Many entrepreneurs take very impulsive decisions in this matter and then hinder the activity of the company.

7- Make important decisions right at the start: This is in line with the previous. No rush at an early stage, and have time to decide on matters capital for your business.

8- Your business 100% copying another proposal: Many entrepreneurs have set startups inspired by others but seek to give a personal approach because it will cost a lot to be recognizable and relevant.

9- Think that time is not an asset: Time is equal to or more important than the money invested, not commercials with him casually and your profitability will be impaired.

10- To think that your product is so good that it will sell only: Do not make large investments or thinking about it will be a huge burden.

11- Tomas negative conclusions in general terms very soon: I mean, a first version of a product does not mean that this type of product is unfeasible for that market. Sometimes with small improvements you get big changes.

12- Not properly channel the external views: You have to overcome the negative views while we undermine confidence. Also note that a couple of good reviews do not mean guaranteed success.

13- To think that the market knows not understand your product: the market will not adapt to your product, you have to design your business according to what users demand.

14- Not be 100 informed about the chosen sector%: Being uninformed may be a negative handicap that can make mistakes that could have been avoided.

15- No motivate achieve it every day: If in the early stages and you lack motivation but worth a withdrawal time before burning all the ships…

16- Start with many fixed costs: Many times it happens that assemble quickly fixed cost structure thinking that nothing more revenue will come to the market. Beware embarking very payroll, property …

17- Not taking into account Internet: Internet ceased to be something optional, who does not consider then will cost more time and investment to catch up

18- Do not put the focus at the beginning: The entrepreneurial mind is usually proactive, dynamic and DISPERSA! So focus on your “core business” at first and then you’ll have time to ride parallel businesses.

19- Not control your ego: You think you can go wrong or get advice from time to time, that you not remove qualities and can save you some trouble.

20- Center your boot grants: Needless to say, what is lacking today all this….

21- Setting prices for pure personal perception: Learn to locate your product well in an active market to be attractive. Your perception has rather little.

22- To think that a company holds an idea: Stay with this couplet: 1% creativity and 99% effort and dedication. It is all said.

23- To think that there is no competition: Always who compete, if not directly indirectly there are factors that you can remove customers

24- Do not know yourself well: It must be an exercise in practical psychology to know what our strengths to make them available to the company and also where to complement it properly.

In short, mistakes must try to avoid them, and if they occur at least learn from them.

What do you think are the most important mistakes to avoid for an entrepreneur?

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