Keys for a good shopping experience at your eCommerce

Keys for a good shopping experience at your eCommerce

There is a truth that is irrefutable on the internet, you can spend the amount you want in marketing techniques to attract highly qualified traffic and have available a a stock of products with fantastic prices, but if the shopping experience does not meet the user expectations or simply a web page that does not make the balance of your online business most is certain is that will suffer.

Keys for a good shopping experience at your eCommerceFactors affecting online shopping experience

In my opinion there are three major factors to consider in this direction:

1- Web Usability: A “usable” web page is where the user fully understands the purpose of the web and is able by simple processes interacting and buy into it. The logical and intuitive processes are two very important points.

2- Engagement: We call engagement in the world using ecommerce to the ability of an online store and build strong relationships between client-web. It is used a lot also in social networks.

3- After – sales services: To enter more on this topic you can refer to the article “As for excellence in customer service on the Internet”.

Key to good shopping experience

If we combine the 3 subjects discussed before we can draw some important clues:

1- Optimize the 1st scroll your page: you have to look the best on the 1st impression for your online store. The first scroll is what the user sees your page without moving the mouse or clicking anything. Design aside (very important indeed), in terms of usability, on the 1st scroll the user has to see perfectly well what to sell and intuit the steps to follow if you decide to investigate further. Is key not cause confusion at this point.

2- Wide range of options contact web-client so that it can choose freely:

– Paragraph FAQS: Frequently Asked Questions

– Phone number where to call

– Register to be called (lead)

– Email customer

– Chat online.

3- Quick navigability, with minimum possible clicks and intuitive processes: for it is very healthy to work with the content of the page and make A / B testing to measure improvements that are more usable. You can use for example the Optimize tool for this task.

4- Check the times: first a good communication with the client to know what time periods and are expected standard clear is reasonable must be taken into account. Time to consider are:

– Timeout reception Product

– Times Return Goods

– Time attention regarding incidents or queries

5- Customizing buying process: in the US recently did a study and extracted the following data:

– 76% of respondents recognized that likes to receive personalized coupons on record

– 66% are more likely to purchase from a website where they receive personal suggestions during the process

– 80% are more likely to buy from a store that offers a personalized overall shopping experience

6- Differentiators technological elements: a good example is how we treat leads (records) who want to buy on our website. You can enter a service video care instantly with live sales agents. This is one of the ways to differentiate your process.

What are for you the keys to getting a good online shopping experience?

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