My online reputation hurts, is it serious?

My online reputation hurts, is it serious?

You’ve been noticing a slight decrease in the number of interactions on Twitter for several days, your Facebook wall is becoming more inactive and the comments on your blog have been spaced out in time to almost disappear. Today you check with some discomfort that your index of online relevance has lost entire … You do not know what could have happened, you have been obedient, until now you had followed the instructions of your online marketing specialist, what could have happened?

Worried About Your Business's Reputation These Tips Can Help!Do not panic, it does not have to be a terminal illness, Social Media is constantly evolving, you have to know that what you did yesterday does not have to be useful for today, and even less for tomorrow. You should periodically consult your doctor in social media and renew the treatment often.

It has real specialists in each area; A nurse may be able to monitor the patient and keep their vital signs within normal limits, but needs the advice of a doctor to indicate the most appropriate treatment and control their evolution.

In an emergency you must have a first aid protocol, the first reaction has a vital importance. It is good that you are prepared and know how to react.

It is necessary to make a detailed analysis of the situation and check if the levels are within the normal parameters. The decline in the notoriety index may have been due to a specific circumstance, for which a solution would be enough to change the treatment, resorting to more creative messages, shortening the response times and introducing small doses of empathy, as an incentive. It is about not falling into monotony, but about growing the engagement and thus increasing the visibility of the brand.

If it is acute pain, mainly focused on the impact of our actions on social networks, treatment should be in charge of alleviating this discomfort and achieving greater interaction on the part of users; let them talk more about us We will design new actions in social networks, more active, that attract users and encourage them to participate.

If you feel general discomfort, you notice that everything is against you, your ears ring with negative comments towards your brand; you feel chills when you see how your monitoring graphs are filled with mentions that are not at all pleasant and the deliriums of fever make you see that your TL is full of insults; definitely, you are facing a virus. You have suffered the attack of a troll. We must act immediately, go to the bottom of the matter and treat the problem from the root. You have to avoid at all costs that its reach extends and spreads its evil. For these cases, there is no magic pill, you have to pass the disease. Control its effects and little by little you will reduce its effectiveness, it will lose strength and it will die by itself, it is a matter of time. So that these attacks are not repeated, it is convenient that you vaccinate previously.

In the event that everything seems normal, that the evolution is favorable, you always have to go further and strengthen the health of your online reputation with a vitamin supplement or extra energy contribution. Give it an injection of renewed vitality by proposing innovative actions to your users, listen to them and adapt your message to their interests. It is also advisable that you lead a healthy and balanced life, practice some exercise to give life to your TL, feed it with content of varied nature, do not stay in the simple text or the static image, create videos, dynamic presentations, dare with the applications.

What is the health status of your online reputation? What diseases have you suffered? What treatment works best for you?

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