How can I make myself heard in Social Networks?

How can I make myself heard in Social Networks?

Social Networks are a perfect channel to get our message to many people, but it is necessary to have something important or interesting to say for it.

In many occasions, when we write a post or launch a tweet we do not get the desired response, we can not hook the audience, even having something to say, but in these cases, almost certainly, it is not the audience, but of ourselves, that we are not able to create that expectation in the community.

Social Media Strategy Where to startWhen we talk to a friend and we want to know what he thinks about something we ask him directly, so he has to be attentive and listen, that is something that we can use as a resource to make us listen, but bearing in mind that the audience is not there to waste time and hear irrelevant things.

On the other hand, if we tell more people what we want, we will have more chances of being listened to, so it would be useful to publish that content on as many platforms as possible, without spam, since spam is a very little recommended practice. In addition, if we publish our message on more than one platform, it will be more susceptible to being viralized.

Another means by which we can make our message heard is by using the video. There is no doubt that video is a very viral resource if we use it well. Therefore, we create videos and infographics and share them online, since the visual impacts more than the written material, and many entertain them more, and it is better disseminated through the Internet.

Keep in mind that for a blogger, your blog is sacred. It’s where you share your message, and, do not spread anything, so if we want to get the attention of the audience and reach more users, something we can do is find more or less relevant bloggers and offer them the possibility to collaborate on your blog with a post That will make our message reach, not only to our community, but to the audience of the resident blogger, also getting a space to get new followers.

Of course, in this equation SEO is fundamental. An optimized page or blog facilitates the indexation of it by Google, which will make it more visible to Internet users. Let’s use the keywords well, since they can provide us with a lot of web traffic to our page.

Obviously, for others to participate in our content, we have to participate in that of others. And this translates nothing more or less than interaction.

If we have an account in Social Networks, we can talk with other users through them using the content they share and produce as an excuse, asking them questions or suggestions. But, the best thing is to use the comments in the blogs: leaving useful comments and that enrich the post will make us notice, and little by little we will become interesting for the audience.

But without a doubt, and with this we return to the same as always, the fundamental thing for us to hear is to have something interesting to say. Therefore, without interesting content, it will not matter how much we strive, that our words will fall on deaf ears. The audience does not want to waste time and there is a lot of content on the internet.

And you, how do you make them listen to you?

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