48% of companies search for candidates on social networks

48% of companies search for candidates on social networks

During the conference “The strategic role of Human Resources in the new digital era” analyzed the importance of social networks in the management of people

Meta4, world leader in solutions for the management and development of human and intellectual capital (HICM), has gathered at the working breakfast “The strategic role of Human Resources in the new digital era” to more than 100 directors and managers of human resources of the main companies of our country. The technological company has had the collaboration of Íncipy, a company specialized in Strategy and Advanced Digital Marketing; INESDY, Institute of Digital Innovation of the Professions, and Sagardoy Abogados, one of the leading law firms specializing in Labor Law, social benefits, pensions and Social Security.

48% of companies search for candidates on social networksAmong the main conclusions are the importance of social networks and the undoubted impact that digital tools are causing in all business areas, and especially in the management of human capital of companies. Likewise, in this new context of innovation, the strategic role of human resources has been highlighted to enhance the culture of collaboration, interactivity, shared knowledge and productivity with the aim of improving the company’s income statements.

Human resources professionals need to know these new 2.0 applications and integrate them into their policies to manage talent and add more value to their companies. To this end, Joana Sánchez, Executive President of Íncipy, commented on the new ways of working to which companies must adapt and the importance of consumers and employees in these new environments. “Businesses are in the process of transformation and companies must be able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by social networks,” said Sanchez.

Mireia Ranera, Director General of Human Resources 2.0 of Íncipy has shown data of the increase in the use of social networks by human resources departments to carry out their selection processes. He pointed out that 48% of companies are already looking for candidates in social networks, although we are still far from the 80% reached by the United States. “The trend is unstoppable and those responsible for human resources must use these new tools to find the best candidates.” It has also encouraged companies to promote their use by creating corporate blogs with which they will promote communication and the sense of belonging of the workforce.

Social networks are distinguished by their transparency and self-management and human resources departments must use them to enhance the company’s online reputation. Pedro Rojas, Director of Training Projects of INESDI has indicated that to successfully manage the human capital of their companies and retain and find the best talent, not only must improve their skills but must develop the following skills: actively participate in social networks , work with a global vision, have a high capacity to adapt to changes and be managers of transparency and knowledge, among others. “We can not put doors to the field and social networks are a reality that we must exploit professionally. Human resources departments should be highlighted by openness,

In addition, Iñigo Sagardoy, President of Sagardoy Abogados has analyzed the legal limitations of the new digital era through practical cases. “There is still no legal regulation on the uses of social networks with labor implications but it will come and we must be prepared for companies to apply it effectively”. Sagardoy stressed that companies must implement good practices to protect themselves and seek a balance between their policies and the fundamental rights of employees that can not be violated.

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