Here Are Four Environmental Tips when considering a property extension

Here Are Four Environmental Tips when considering a property extension

When you are building an extension, there are plenty of environmental tips that you can factor in to achieve the best and greenest results.

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The Right Boiler

Old boilers are expensive and inefficient, and it is generally always worth installing a new one, particularly if you are about to engage in an extension build. Modern boilers are smaller, more powerful and highly efficient, requiring less servicing and maintenance and having a good working life span. You could also make the most of biomass by installing a stove and using wooden logs or briquettes to warm your home. Don’t forget other environmental systems such as ground and air source heat, which can provide constant low level heat that works very well for underfloor systems.

The Right Insulation

Cavity wall insulation is essential for keeping your extension warm – and don’t forget to install draught-proof doors and insulation on any internal walls. A good building firm can advise on the environmental standards and regulations that are currently in place and which are likely to be in place in future so that you can make your new project as compliant and future-proof as possible. Remember that as much as half of all energy can be lost through the wall, but foam insulation and air gaps can prevent this. They are better than more conventional cavity wall systems which used less eco-friendly mineral wool products. Some builders will also recommend adding insulated plasterboard to improve things further. Double glazing is also essential for windows and doors.

Underfloor Heating

This system can be linked up with a ground source heat system for a renewable energy source and can provide low-cost, low-carbon radiant heat through your flooring. It’s wonderfully luxurious and combined with good insulation, it can make your extension wonderfully warm. If you need land remediation services for a project that isn’t going to plan, you can contact for assistance.

Solar PV Panels

Solar PV panels can be roof-mounted to provide renewable energy from the sun and can be linked to boilers and heating systems. If you use a microgeneration accredited installer, you can also benefit from an additional income via the government’s subsidies as well as save money on your energy bills. Solar costs have come down greatly in the last few years, and modern systems should need very little maintenance.

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