This new chip photonic quantum computing gives something very important multitasking

This new chip photonic quantum computing gives something very important multitasking

Quantum computing is one of the great technological promise in the medium and long term. We talked about their current situation and future posed a practical level, but the field still poses many challenges still remain relegated to pure research. Yet progress still occur, as evidenced by a joint development of the University of Bristol and the Japanese company NTT.

The investigators have developed a quantum optical reprogrammable chip that is able to work with photons for all purposes and also was created by standard techniques in semiconductor manufacturing. The construction of the photonic chip is a jump over previous models that enables different quantum operations are performed simultaneously, which gives this solution the ability to run in multitasking.

Jacques Carolan, one of the PhD students at the University of Bristol responsible for the study, explained the achievement: “Once the code is written for each circuit, takes just seconds to reprogram the chip, and milliseconds to change that new experiment “. This allows, as highlighted by the researchers, conduct experiments in a few hours until recently needed a year to perform. “This was unthinkable a few years ago.”

These new chips that have more inputs and outputs photons also allows the use of more unitary matrices that allow operation with sets of qubits to perform equivalent to algebraic functions performed in traditional circuit operations. All this poses a promise for creating a general purpose quantum computer future, but for now the idea is to build on this progress in the field of telecommunications, which is precisely the one that dominates the giant NTT.

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