AVE, learn the Maglev L0 Series reaches 603 km / h

AVE, learn the Maglev L0 Series reaches 603 km / h

We are in a territory rich in tradition in the world of trains, and a good infrastructure, but if there is a country that earns us win, that is Japan. For the high-speed network that are mounted which allows them to move around the main island in a matter of hours, and research and development remain, seeking to improve what is already a high level.

Earlier this year we showed it had broken a few times the speed record, train, and had done so based on magnetic levitation, better known as Maglev vehicles. At that time we could share speed figures and little else, now we’d better teach their appearance, and some additional information.

It is normal for Japanese trains use the most sophisticated technology, are communicating veins of the country, always be faster and more efficient The maximum speed of 603 kilometers per hour was maintained for 11 seconds with 49 people aboard. At that time he had a seven-car configuration, capable of traveling 4,064 kilometers in one day.
Need not have much drive, or run both in a real situation, as it is planned to create a route from Tokyo to Nagoya it done in 40 minutes, and another from the capital to Osaka in just over an hour.

We speak of circular 505 kilometers per hour, and reducing by half the time on the routes mentioned.

Turning to dimensions and capacity, we have to each “wagon” late L0 Series measure 28 meters and have room for 24 passengers. If we go to the intermediate size it grows up to 24.3 meters and occupation can be up to 68 passengers. The “nose” of the train reaches 15 meters.

The fourteen tracks and trains are being manufactured – with a view to 2027 – work with the system Scmaglev, developed with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Nippon Sharyo. The project seeks not only to improve the country’s infrastructure, it is also a showcase of what they can do, and money to be made, export. In the United States they are very interested in the idea, thinking of creating a couple of routes: Houston-Dallas and Washington-Baltimore.

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