Data reveals high dissatisfaction with mobile ads

Millward Brown’s AdReaction study reveals that consumer attitudes towards mobile marketing are not very positive and that companies have the opportunity to improve the way they interact with consumers

Globally, less than a quarter (23%) of smartphone users and 29% of tablet users show a favorable attitude toward mobile ads, compared to 36% for online ads, 47% for ads in Newspapers and 51% on television.

However, consumer tolerance for ads grows significantly when displayed on free mobile websites (68%) and free apps (65%).

In the US, only 9% see mobile advertising as positive, well behind other options such as opt-in display (28%), online advertising (22%) and online video (16%). It is noteworthy that the attitude of consumers towards mobile ads has changed very little since 2009, when only 7% was slightly favorable.

But despite initial rejection, Rakesh Kumar, world president of Firefly Millward Brown, believes there is scope for optimism. “Our data suggest that consumers want mobile marketing to succeed. But their level of expectation is so high that any proposal that does not reach it can only lead to a negative perception. “

The attitude towards mobile advertising in emerging markets, where mobile devices are much more important in the lives of consumers, is much more positive. In Nigeria and Kenya, half (48%) show a positive attitude, as in India (43%) and South Africa (30%).

AdReaction consists of a series of online surveys of over 6,000 tablet or smartphone users in Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Turkey. In addition, online forums and interviews took place in Germany, China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, Thailand and Turkey.

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