How should the design of an effective newsletter?

The answer is very simple, as it works for you. I always like to focus on this point before getting into the subject, email marketing is not an exact science and there are many and varied profiles and positions of both the offers and the target targets. Therefore, whenever possible, the best way to evaluate which actions, designs, offers, etc., are more effective will be the test, comparison and analysis of the results in each specific case.

However, if we can start with basic guidelines and tips to develop a newsletter design that communicates well the message and offer and maximize the results we seek with your shipment. Indicate that we do not talk about technical parameters, but of communication and information …

  • Senders and issues should prompt the subscriber to open the email being concise, clear and quick to understand.
  • We must focus on one or at most two shocking business messages. It is not a question of showing the entire catalog or of a list of offers for the quarter.
  • The main message should be clearly visible at the beginning of the newsletter, be concise and to the point. Do not put unnecessary information or excessive text. If we must insert descriptive text, it is recommended to use short and separate paragraphs.
  • The information must always go in the text since the images can be blocked for opening.
  • Style elements used to highlight aspects should be relevant. For example, bold should really be used if you highlight a point to consider. If we use it gogo loses its meaning.
  • We should not use very large or large images, especially at the top of the design to make sure that if they do not open at least the descriptive text of the offer is visible.
  • Do not include allegorical or decorative images, if they do not contribute anything it is better not include them.
  • The name of the image files must be descriptive of the offer and we must include the ALT attribute ?? As they will appear when images are not displayed.
  • The competitive advantages and benefits of the offer must also be emphasized, but they do not have to be very numerous. We must really prioritize those that give us a differentiation in front of the competition and above all those that imply a direct and personalized added value for the subscriber.
  • If we have elements of action / action should be clearly identifiable and encourage its use with calls to its urgency or expiration. It is advisable to put the calls to the action in text in case the images are not loaded.
  • The goal is to be quickly identified by the subscriber, both in terms of the brand and the offer and once inside the message that easily finds the call to action that interests us, so it is not too late when we have the design Definite stop to review that the message and the brand are clearly identified in less than 3 seconds and that the call to action within the message is easily localizable and understood.


These are a few basic guidelines to try to improve the results of a newsletter but I return to the indicated at the beginning of the article, we must always take into account that our case may be the exception that confirms the rule and therefore we should not close in Band to test and analyze variants in any aspect (best one at a time to be able to identify to which variation correspond the improvements or deficiencies).

Do not forget to take advantage of our previous know-how in other ways and actions. It is likely that some of the elements that worked well in other promotions may be applicable with the necessary adaptations to our newsletters.

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