7 unexpected skills that you develop as a blogger

7 unexpected skills that you develop as a blogger

There are advantages to having a blog that perhaps you are not aware. You get skills that increase your market value and allow you to have a better quality of life.

Over time I have realized that there are positive effects related to my blogging activity which was not so aware. Exchanging views with other bloggers confirmed that many of them are getting benefits very similar to mine.

It is a development of skills they bring you more than just become a better blogger:

  • You get skills that increase your value in the job market.
  • Skills that allow you to have more confidence and a better quality of life.
  • Creating sources of direct revenue through blogging activity.

Which for many people is a simple hobby can have very positive “side effects” that 5% to bloggers that exceeds the first year of life with your blog.

1. Empathy with people: Over time you realize that you get connected with your readers. You are able to convey emotions through your posts because you know how they feel. Develop an empathy that helps you create engaging content. Emotional intelligence helps if you create content. It allows you to touch the hearts of your readers because you get to identify with you and understand you better.

2. Trust in yourself, expose and receive feedback on it will generate a lot of confidence in yourself. Not only realize that what you do like but having overcome the initial fears as blogger. Many well-known personalities from the world of blogging have passed this phase directly to be believed better than others. That also is not ideal …

3. Ability of Relaxation: Write a post can become a therapy over time. Instead of burning inside you can capture everything in one inning. Once you pressed the button to publish all the anger and stress disappears. Create your blog posts on topics you care about can be a way to decrease your risk of heart attack …

4. Knowledge of copywriter: A copywriter is a term in English-speaking countries to describe the profile of a writer specializing in business texts. When you start with blogging you realize quickly that the titles are 80% of success. You develop the ability to create engaging content. It is a skill that also allows you to write sales letters, landing pages, text ads Google Adwords or other commercial text.

5. Work in a disciplined manner: One of the keys to success of a blog is consistency in the publication. Few blogs survive the first year for lack of discipline. Many novice bloggers have unrealistic expectations because they think that success comes a day in the morning. A blog takes work. According to your ambitions it is necessary to publish more or less. Between 3-7 posts is an optimal updating a blog.

6. Knowledge of web monetization: A lot of bloggers do not throw your own blog in order to make money doing it. For others it is the sole purpose. If you also develop a talent for writing content that engage the reader can be a winning combination. Many bloggers have a deep understanding of how to get more return on their blog. They have tried all platforms on the market and know what type of advertising that will work best configuration.

7. Learning web analytics: I confess (again) I am addicted to real-time statistics of Google Analytics. I love “read” blog stats and do small tests to analyze whether these provide improvements in terms of usability blog, interaction with readers, dissemination of posts in social networks, etc. Web analytics is a fundamental tool for marginal improvements that can be applied consistently to your website. It is knowledge that with the emergence of increasingly online media may be in the very near future a profile in high demand in the labor market.

Bloggers who eventually develop these skills are those that maintain the passion to write and share for years. Many tire on the road and give up. Worth keep fighting even if you think you will never reach that point. It’s a matter of time …

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