Using a Marketplace to validate your idea

Using a Marketplace to validate your idea

Have an idea for a great product you want to market but do not have the budget? How can you validate against buyers without spending a fortune? How can you launch your MVP to see if it worth it? The solution: sell your product in a Marketplace.

Once you get past the stage to validate your idea with friends and family, it’s time to go a step further and put it in front of your potential customers. Launch your product in a marketplace it will help you save time and effort, and also, It will not cost you anything.

Not have to create a landing page, a newsletter, or online marketing campaign; you only have to focus on your product.


After six months have been validated and selling your product in a Marketplace, and you will have the data needed to know your audience, and with the right budget to invest in the development of your own or e-commerce web page.

Using a Marketplace to validate your idea

The benefits of a marketplace

What can benefits provide you with a marketplace than a landing page or a newsletter will not give?

  • An existing customer base, willing to try new products.
  • More time to focus solely on improving your product or develop new ones.
  • The ability to validate and test your ideas on a smaller scale and without financial risk.

What marketplace should you be?

Realistically, this experience will not be the same for everyone. Physical products require an initial monetary investment for prototyping and development, and services will be more difficult to package as a product that can be sold on the market. However; everything is possible.

Essentially the marketplaces are communities of people looking for a solution. People visit Amazon and eBay to buy all sorts of products online; Etsy for crafts products; Newegg for electronics products; CreativeMarket designers use to find resources that will accelerate your workflow, or Dribbble to showcase your skills to prospective clients; and companies use to outsource certain projects and find freelance professionals. The marketplace also gives you the option to internationalize your products through them, selling them at Rakuten (Japan) or Tmall (China), for example.

Each of the marketplaces is actually a community of people looking for the same.

You see great opportunity and you have before you?

Within minutes, you’ll get your product in front of millions of customers, without having to build a website or spend money on advertising. You must be aware that you will not be in the number one sales of the Amazon overnight, but it do need to know if your idea really worth.

Using data and experience that has brought you to validate your MVP (minimum viable product) in a marketplace, you can further improve it based on the tastes of your audience and move on to the next step; create your own online business.

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