Humor, a great resource to generate engagement in Social media

Humor, a great resource to generate engagement in Social media

A little humor never hurts, and less in these times, right?

It is clear that we all like to let out a smile, or, why not, a laugh from time to time, and if it is at work, a simple laugh makes us work more bearable, especially when we are overloaded with work.

Social Media and the wisdom of the new SOLOMO KingThe professionals who dedicate ourselves to Social Media are continually trying to create a strong link with our audience, with our community, and one way to achieve this is to make them have a good time with us, in addition to providing them, that always, valuable and interesting content for this, but, if it is also accompanied by humor, that engagement will be considerably strengthened.

We can connect with our community and our brand will be perceived differently from brands that simply send a message, humanize our image and capture the attention of users.

As we all know, it is fundamental in these times that are running, so that a brand can reach the user in a more effective way it is necessary to appeal to their emotions directly, make them remember us, and, what better way to do that than pulling a smile or a laugh? With this in addition, our content will be much more susceptible to be shared with other users, it will go viral better, but yes, we must be careful not to fall into the clown, we are professionals of Social Media, not the Circus.

For this reason, it is necessary to think carefully about how we are going to use a sense of humor, being careful with topics that may create controversy or offend someone, that would only harm us. Giving them “smarts” is not a practice well accepted by users.

In addition, we must be very aware that all kinds of jokes may not be well accepted by our community, so it is very important to choose well what we are going to share with her, making sure that it will fit well and we will not be offensive with no user.

A good example of this is the case of FedEx Public Relations. The Public Relations of Ketchum, a company that works for FedEx and that went to visit its headquarters in Memphis, tweeted this message: “Total chaos. I’m in one of those cities where all you can do is scratch your head and say that I’d rather die than live here. ” As a result, FedEx stopped doing business in addition to sending them a public letter in which they disapproved of their attitude.

On the other hand, although we think that a joke is really funny, we should not abuse it, once it’s funny, two too, but the third one is tiring …

A Social Media strategy in which we include humor can be much more effective, but with moderation. It is better to fall into grace than to be funny.

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