From online marketing to Content curation, beyond the aggregation of content

From online marketing to Content curation, beyond the aggregation of content

One of the aspects of content marketing that is gaining increasing momentum is content curation. According to Beth Kanter, curing content is the process of choosing and filtering between the immense amount of information that is poured into the online medium and presenting the most outstanding, in an organized manner, based on a specific topic.

The new marketing rch in data, poor in analysisSelf Enrique Dans also throws us a little more light on the term “content curator”, highlighting its importance and relevance in the network today.

As Dans himself points out, the “content curator” consumes content, filters it, collects it, shares it, and learns from the answers to it. The main difference with regard to aggregation content is that the content is curated manually and a certain value is always added.

The interest in access to information and the different shared contents, as a growing trend among the users of the network that viralize this information, has led this practice to become one of the favorite strategies of companies and active brands in the network.

At this point, how does it differ from the simple aggregation of content?

One of the objectives of content curation is to reinforce your content strategy, enriching it with valuable contributions signed by reference sources. In this way you can provide your audience with a more complete view on those topics of interest.

It has high indexing possibilities. As you well know, Google especially gives priority to those sites that actively practice updating content. If your page is continuously fed based on fresh and quality content, it will gain integers in order to be displayed in preferred mode in the search results.

Ideal to share.It is a true source of knowledge. It offers continuously contrasted and quality information to your users, and they will be happy to share your content on social networks, thereby increasing the relevance of your site and your online reputation. Take advantage of the attractiveness of the information you show and encourage your own contribution, encouraging your comments, and even generating discussion about the subject.

Aspects to take into account when practicing content curation:

Choose a topic of maximum interest, which is notoriously relevant for your users. If the selected topic is attractive in itself and you will start with an advantage, it is in your hands that the selected information items and the exhibition mode meet your expectations.

Always show the source.There is a double reason for you to identify the author; on the one hand, to respect the intellectual property of the signer and not to engage in any unlawful practice; and on the other, to give greater credibility to the information you show. It is always better to have a renowned referent; brings more value to your work. Always include links to it, preferably directing the user to the post, study or specific data. Show them clearly differentiated from the rest of the content, either inside the text, or at the bottom, in the “source” section; It is always beneficial for the audience to have the possibility of expanding information.

Investigate and analyze before adding.Dive deeply into the web, here lies the basis of content healing. Create a database of more important sources, follow the trends and monitor the topics of your interest. Always value the veracity of the information and the source; so you can always choose those items that really add value to your strategy.

Contribute your bit. In addition to referring to the selected sources to address the issue, leave your personal stamp; either in the form of valuation, either in an introductory way, or as an initial approach to a problem, over which the curation of contents will serve to find the most accurate solution … There are many approaches, choose the most appropriate in each case and make your presence is patent in your work.

Do you practice content healing? What is your strategy? What impact does your content get?

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