Practical advice when going to an outdoor Concert or Event

Perhaps you’ve never been to an outdoor event or concert before and you’re not sure what to wear, then take some good old-fashioned advice and make sure to look at the weather forecast before you plan your outfit for the day.  If your lucky and it’s going to be a lovely warm, sunny day then apply sunscreen before you get dressed, wear light, cotton clothing that loosely covers your shoulders, take a hat, sunglasses and a light wrap for if it gets chilly in the evening.  Not going to a specific event but wanting to spend the weekend outdoors making the most of the glorious weather then ask yourselves, what can we do in Newbury outside for entertainment?  Outdoor Events Newbury and all around the Country are easy to access and can offer you, your family and friends a great way to enjoy time having fun in the fresh air.

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Thinking about the weather for the day, what activity you will be taking part in and what time you will be out are the three most important things when planning what to wear.  Your day out could include getting wet, so a light tea-shirt and pair of shorts worn with old trainers could be the ideal outfit but don’t forget to take a towel and a change of dry clothes.

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If you’re going to an outdoor event in the Winter then wrap up warm, several layers of clothing, comfortable, waterproof shoes, a raincoat, scarf, woolly hat and gloves are probably a good idea.

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