Is planned drain maintenance worthwhile?

Is planned drain maintenance worthwhile?

A blocked or broken drain is a problem every organisation is likely to face at some point. While maintaining your drains involves an initial cost, it’s well worth the investment to avoid extra fees later on. It’s not just about cost though – there are many other reasons to invest in drain maintenance.

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What is planned drain maintenance?

When it comes to drain maintenance, prevention is better than cure. Drains connected to any building, whether it’s an educational, healthcare, or commercial setting, can experience blockages due to a buildup of debris or bad weather. Pipes can also wear out over time.

In this post, we’ll explore how maintaining your drains can have a big impact on your organisation.

Benefits of drain maintenance

1. Stop health and safety issues in their tracks

Blocked drains can cause a number of health and safety issues at your site, from unpleasant odours to pest infestations. Keep your drains flowing freely with regular cleaning, descaling, and unblocking.

2. Better protection against bad weather

When heavy rain or storms strike, your drains can be damaged or even overflow. This can lead to areas of your site being unusable and can put your stock and machinery at risk. It can also lead to structural problems for your building.

3. Save money

Spending money on planned drain maintenance is a great investment, as you won’t have to shell out for costly repairs in the case of emergencies. It also means that your drains will last for longer, saving you even more. Specialists such as are even able to repair a specific portion of drains rather than replacing the whole thing.

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4. Stop disruption to your business

By taking care of drain maintenance, you’ll be able to make sure that your organisation is able to keep running smoothly. A Guardian article from February 2023 reported 450 sewage leaks in hospitals across England, which impacted patient care and resulted in high maintenance costs.

Planned drain maintenance is easy to organise. There are many companies providing drain lining in Oldbury, so you can keep your drains working their best.

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