How to move to a new house with your dog

How to move to a new house with your dog

When you move to a new house with your dog, there are steps you can take to minimise the amount of stress for your pooch.

How to move to a new house with your dog2

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Before you move:

Ideally get a dog sitter

Moving day is hectic and stressful; of possible, arrange for a dog sitter or kennels.

Prepare a ‘dog box’

Put together an accessible ‘dog box’ containing poop bags, treats, balls and toys, a water bottle, and old blankets with your scent on.

Maintain a daily routine

Dogs like routine, so stick to their daily feeding, walks and garden time before you move.

How to move to a new house with your dog

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Microchip your dog

It is now the law to microchip your dog. Remember to change your address details.

Prepare your dog in advance

Adapt your dog to the new environment by walking him/her in the new area before you move.

Update the dog tag

You need to update the address details on your dog’s tag. You could also consider using a GPS dog tracker for reassurance.

On moving day:

Tell removal staff

Tell your removals firm and any helpers about your dog and ask them to watch out for open windows and doors.

Make up a dog room

Create a dog room in the new house, preferably at the back, which only the owners can enter. Put inside water bowls, toys, the dog’s crate and some familiar blankets. Move the dog in immediately to give them time to settle.

Check your new outside space

Before allowing your dog out in your new garden, check it is secure. Look at the gates, fences and shared alleyways, and investigate the undergrowth for sharp objects.

After moving day:

Reassure your dog

Your dog may be unsettled for a while. Give him or her plenty of affection and perhaps a new chew toy.

The Blue Cross has some useful advice on moving to a new house with a dog. A Bristol removals company such as will also have experience in this area.

Stay with the lead

For around a dozen walks after the move, keep your dog on the lead in case they run off to investigate – or even back to your old house!

Don’t wash their blankets immediately

Familiar smells will help to reassure your dog in their new home.


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