Talent and marketing, an infallible formula in Social Media

Talent and marketing, an infallible formula in Social Media

The reality is inescapable; our habits and customs have been structurally modified, the way we communicate, access to information and demands in relation to permanent specialization, are deriving in a new social order in which technological innovation plays, as always in history, a determining role.

Keys and trends that will mark the social media in 2018Finding and finding “the idea” becomes an indisputable link with the customers’ emotions. The incorporation of new talents is what allows the horizontal and sustained growth of the brand and its influence, and marketing strategies in social networks already begin to show this.

Talent and marketing, an infallible formula in Social Media

The new productive model based on entrepreneurship and the creation of work teams through the formula of outsourcing, is leading to a boom in the search and hiring of new leaders, due to the advantages derived from the construction of a social enterprise, multi-channel, multiplatform and … multi-commitment!

Consolidated companies, SMEs and microentrepreneurs from all markets and industries, strive to attract new clients as the most effective way to access new “ideas” through “evangelization”.

Paradigms change what talent

The new paradigms of communication and the new rules of access to information have meant a boom in content that is leading to a change in the “type of talent” that brands are looking for today. They begin to clarify also the rules of the game, we are becoming aware of the real meaning of the concept “quality”

Today we know that it is not enough to write well, make good videos, be informed or be on social networks. The quality of content and, as a cause and effect, social action, focuses on the ability of brands to achieve what they have to say, no one has said before and also build a link – increasingly large and viral – with your target audience.

Creativity, undisputed element of a 2.0 work team

From all of the above we can deduce that the outsourcing of content creation emerges as one of the pillars of social media marketing and one of the most direct ways to identify new “talents”

People, an essential analysis variable in marketing

Brands and companies have already become aware that including the variable people in shaping their work teams is indispensable if you are looking for efficient marketing actions.

No wonder this is so; we go through a cycle in which the key is to reach the “emotion” of our customers. How do we achieve this if it is not from the valuation we make of our internal client? If we can not build teams in which creativity is derived from talent and motivation, we will not be able to establish links with our customers.

The new culture, a process of sustainable development

Is it a reality that the acquired learning as well as the values, the customs and the experiences, make up the culture of the human being? If we accept this premise as valid, we can not deny that we have in social networks the most efficient platforms to make culture the central axis of our process of sustainable development.

Coaches; leaders who guide growth towards their networks, Experts; permanent information consumers, knowledge transmitters and motivational trainers, and “highlanders”; able to face the challenges, solve them and transform them into strengths, empathic and courageous, make up today the map of talent in Social Media.

The key is to be aware that, to form a formula of success, each of these qualities, must be provided by a professional with its own influence, which will form a team of work prepared to achieve the growth of your brand through the sum of influences and loyalties. That is ultimately what sustains growth!

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