The digital marketing agency BTOB changes its image

The digital marketing agency BTOB changes its image

The digital marketing agency celebrates its ten years of activity with a radical change of image

Its philosophy: a result-oriented creativity combined with the latest technologies and a unique strategic vision

BTOB presents itself as an established brand that does not need to attract attention ostentatiously. His new image, much more mature and elegant and full of subtle winks to the digital marketing sector, represents the point at which the agency is, with several awards behind him and oriented exclusively to major brands. 

The digital marketing agency BTOB changes its imageThe change includes a new web page , a careful blog , the complete renewal of corporate material and other news such as the presentation of an agency in the form of an iPad application or the inclusion of QR codes in their business cards.

Few Spanish digital agencies can boast ten years in the sector. The secret of BTOB has been to adapt to the new challenges of the digital world and not be accommodated in the things that work. For example, it became a pioneer in the use of social media to achieve real results. Your campaigns are not only attractive and unconventional but, above all, profitable. That allowed accounts like Real Madrid, MTV or Fiat to trust their services. In the last two years he has built a privileged client portfolio: Vodafone, Diageo, Endesa, Huggies, L’Oreal Paris, GSK, Lan Airlines, Mixed Mahou, De la Viuda, Garnier, Maybelline and a host of other brands that come to the modern offices that the company has in the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid to look for attractive business solutions.

The new brand identity perfectly reflects BTOB’s personality at this point in its evolution: a solidity and security that can only be achieved after many years of work and success.

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