Five types of security seal

Five types of security seal

Security seals are used to help users identify whether products such as containers, postal packages and secure items have been tampered with, and are widely used in a variety of industries. These items cannot be opened without damaging the seal, which will clearly show evidence of unauthorised entry.

In a report by parcel box manufacturer Penn Elcom, global parcel theft rose by 2% in the period May 2021 to April 2022  The use of seals can be used to deter such theft.

Classification of security seals is based on their intended purpose. There are five main types: metal seals, plastic seals, bolt seals (container seals), cable seals and metric seals. These seals are designed to provide evidence of entry or contamination, prevent entry, or actively monitor for tampering. For example, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, breakable sheets or films, plastic packaging and crimped cables can be used to show signs of tampering. It must be remembered that security seals do not provide additional security. They are there solely to show evidence of tampering.

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There are many different types of security seals available from specialists such as We take a brief look at five different types.

1. Plastic Seals
Plastic seals are the most common type of security seal used for transportation and short term damage prevention. These seals are cost efficient and provide adequate security.

2. Cable Seals
Cable seals, which are made of a combination of metal and plastic with a permanently attached metal security wire, are often used for damage prevention due to their smoothness.

3. High Security Seals
High security seals are typically made of metal and metal wire. This class of seal meets both international customs standards and ISO security seal standards.

4. High Security Bolt Seals
High security bolt seals, also known as cargo seals, are usually made of A3 steel and are used for long distance theft prevention, for example, on a truck or container. These seals provide security for a long time period.

5. Utility Security Seals
Utility security seals are also used for sealing electric, water, and gas meters to prevent damage.

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Security seals are used for a variety of purposes. Common applications include container security, customs, product protection for customers, integrity of parcels and packages, and the prevention and deterrent of theft. As online commerce and the associated logistics and transport networks grow, seals will become ever more important.

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