Five Types Of Filling Machine

Five Types Of Filling Machine

When your business involves filling or refilling containers, it’s important to choose the right equipment for the task. The following guide describes five key types of filling machine, to help you find the right equipment for your specific needs.

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One: Powder Filling Machines

The demand for filling machines is on the rise, as highlighted here: and one popular type is the powder filling machine. This device is ideal for use with both free-flowing (such as granulated sugar and table salt) and non-free flowing powders (such as brown sugar and powdered milk), making it a versatile solution. This machine uses a spiral feeding method to ensure a zero drip result.

Two: Liquid Filling Machines

A widely employed piece of equipment, liquid filling machines can be used for everything from simple water through to fizzy drinks, cooking oils and salad dressings. With a variety of specialised models available, including manual, automatic, rotary and piston filling machines, there is a liquid filling machine available to suit every application. In order to be sure that you are designing an optimum liquid filling process, it may be wise to team up with an expert. Specialist sites such as can provide advice and information as to the optimum approach.

Three: Granule Filling Machines

This machine adds granules to sachets and offers precise filling through weight-based technology. For this reason, it is typically used in chemical industries in place of powder-filling machines. The machines work by adding the granules to a vibrating tub, which then transfers the contents to the container to be filled once the specified weight is reached.

Four: Gel Filling Machines

For thicker liquids, such as creams, lotions, and gels, a gel-filling machine is the ideal choice. This machine features a nozzle for dispensing the gel and is often used for filling containers with cosmetics, including shampoo and conditioner, products such as car wax, and even some comestibles such as thick sauces and honey.

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Five: Capsule Filling Machines

This type of filling machine differs from other models in that it works by counting the number of items dispensed, rather than weighing the total amount. For this reason, it is commonly used for pharmaceutical purposes, as it can accurately count both hard and soft coated gelatin tablets, in addition to coated pills and tablets. It is also used in a variety of food, agricultural, and chemical engineering industry applications.

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