Video becomes the star format of content marketing

Video becomes the star format of content marketing

Companies have been emphasizing for some time the importance of relevant content in order to achieve a relationship with their consumers. The production and distribution channels that have been launched in recent years have given the reason to this idea of quality content, which now has new investments and also renewed ideas.

ContentAccording to a recent report developed by ContentWise and Custom Content Council, in the US, US companies last year spent 40.2 billion dollars to produce and distribute content, slightly more than the 40.1 billion in 2010.

In this sense, most of the budget was allocated to the contents of print media (58.7%) since investment in digital content formats has been a tendency to arrive somewhat later, but little by little it is monopolizing a greater proportion. In fact, the investment of content in print media was reduced in the last year by almost 30% in favor of channels and digital media.

In this case, video content or brand videos have experienced great growth to become the main support or channel in content marketing strategies, surpassing other types of supports and types of online publications.

Even so, the truth is that the interest of companies in online content marketing is a growing trend. It is not surprising that 52% of American companies used videos for content marketing during the past year. Corporate websites, digital media, specialized online magazine and Newsletters have become the most common formats through which this type of information is distributed.

The relationship between cost and efficiency of producing and distributing the contents through digital media together with the increase in the time of activity of Internet users are the two key factors that explain the success of the contents in digital format.

Taking into account these data, 35% of companies plan to continue increasing their investment in their content during this year, giving special attention to the video format and closely following the evolution of a market such as technology and mobile devices, where The number of users accessing information through tablets and smartphones is increasing.

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