Top reasons a website will lose visitors

Top reasons a website will lose visitors

Building a good website should be easy in the modern world, with simple tools and eBay template designs meaning that an e-commerce storefront can be established without much trouble. But there are still many things that businesses get wrong about web design which need to be addressed. So here are some of the biggest mistakes made today and the reasons that they could scupper a site’s chances of success.

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Mobile complications

If your site is not optimised for mobile users, anyone who visits from a smartphone or tablet will be immediately dissatisfied when they land on one of your pages. And most major search engines will also penalise sites that are not mobile-friendly. So to stop your site’s bounce rate from skyrocketing, embracing responsive or adaptive design is important.

Click-bait conundrums

While click-bait content has boomed in recent years, with sites scrabbling to get Buzzfeed-style success through social shares, the reality is that handling this type of article well requires work. So avoiding click-bait headlines which promise big things but ultimately leave users disappointed is important. Instead, sticking to endowing pages with unique, relevant content that gets to the point will win over more visitors.

Image issues

Content is important, but images are what really catch the eyes of visitors. So if a site is encumbered with low resolution snaps viewed on their high-res desktop display or smartphone screen, they will be unlikely to see it as anything other than an amateurish attempt at modern design. Avoiding stock images with obvious watermarks, or those that are overly generic and irrelevant is also a good idea, and seeking assistance from experts like will help you to overcome this.

Speed restrictions

If a site is slow to load then visitors will probably give up on it before they have even had the chance to see any of its pages. So optimising for speed is important, not just from an SEO point of view but in order to capture customers at the very start of their journey. Testing pages to find out how load speeds are faring is crucial, and Google offers tools to make this a possibility.

While it is easy to become overly focused on getting the mechanics of SEO right, this should not be pursued at the expense of user experience. So making a site appealing for human visitors is a priority.

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