The recession is positively affecting the e-commerce industry

The recession is positively affecting the e-commerce industry

More than 39% of professionals in the sector believe that the recession is affecting the e-commerce industry positively, according to the results of the study presented today by the affiliate and affiliate marketing company, affilinet.

Mobile websites or Apps The eternal dilemma facing companies and brandsWith this analysis, it is intended to highlight what motives are influencing the development of electronic commerce and how investment and marketing strategies have changed in recent times.

This survey highlights the dominance of online marketing strategies compared to traditional campaigns, since 80.7% of participants carry out online advertising, compared to 34.3% who advertise traditionally. It also highlights how affiliate marketing has a significant gap in marketing strategies, since 31.4% includes it within its action plan.

Also surprising is the strong growth and influence of social networks in current marketing strategies, where 59.3% of respondents say they already have a defined strategy for this. On the other hand, there is still a 19.28% that still has no activity in them, as it considers that social networks are still “green”.

affilinet also wanted to investigate the opinion that professionals in the sector have about the reasons that are influencing ecommerce. An overwhelming 68.93% indicates that distrust on the part of the consumer when making online payments is the main barrier, followed by the lack of adequate online marketing campaigns that support electronic commerce. As Cristina Berzal, director of affilinet, points out, “affiliate marketing can be the solution to this problem, as it offers advertisers not only segmented online advertising, but above all the possibility of direct online sales. Through the web pages of their affiliates, advertisers can quickly benefit from a virtual sales network, making the internet become a very effective distribution channel. ”

15.36% also point out that the little support at government level is also negatively influencing the ecommerce industry.

In the face of the influence of the economic recession on marketing budgets, 33.9% affirm that they have not been affected at all and 22.14% indicate that investment has even grown during these last months. Only 8.57% indicated that the crisis has affected them very negatively, including downsizing.

However, 39.64% of respondents believe that the crisis is affecting the e-commerce sector positively, as it provides more competition and offers greater opportunities and selection skills for the online buyer.

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