Online public relations, a great challenge for brands

Online public relations, a great challenge for brands

The existential conflict that Public Relations go through as a marketing weapon in the face of its -necessary integration with social networks- derives from the need to face a process of adaptation to the new reality.

It is more than evident that the network; Social networks and blogs have structurally transformed the relationships between users and content. They see the light of “informal” opinion leaders that distort the activities that, traditionally, experts in publicity and public relations carried out.

Online public relations, a great challenge for brandsToday, public relations are carried out online, building relationships with the media

A content generator can become a new and forceful leader before the astonished and underestimated look of traditional journalists. Today a professional Community Manager is, an expert in public relations online.

The opinion leaders are in the networks, they are not media and their main strength is to achieve, in less time, the construction of long-term links with the media. Something that -traditionally- was carried out through conferences and / or events that today have been superseded by the relevant and quality content, a new driving nexus between brands and the media, we are in the era of online public relations!

We are not surprised today when a Community Manager from your twitter account offers access to quality content and receives feedback from the media, thus forging new long-term relationships between brands and media.

The easiest access to media monitoring is another of those strengths that presents the integration of social networks to the public relations of our company.
Online public relations minimize the cost of generating impact in the media. At the present time, a community manager has the ability to obtain the same results if he establishes an appropriate strategy in his networks.

Let’s not get confused! Public relations and social networks are not the same.

The great challenge for brands lies in addressing an immediate rethinking of the scope of both roles, thus achieving integration. To do this, in addition to acting in a complementary way and in the permanent search for the construction of the brand, both in the online and offline world.

Social networks are not platforms for launching advertising messages or issuing press releases. Business communication within networks has a different treatment than traditional channels. Public relations is designed to talk from person to person.
The objectives now focus on managing efficiently in social networks, the essential elements of public relations.

Let’s not forget that public relations traditionally worked under the premise of “the more information you have, the better the decisions” and for that you placed yourself in the “receiving” center of everything that will provide you with direct, indirect or complementary information. your brand

It is necessary to accept that the change came to stay, today what sells, is the confidence generated by the quality of the contents, even more than advertising. To talk about online public relations, it is necessary to accept that generating trust and being human is much more important than corporate messages.

The process of integrating public relations into Social Media is one of the steps in which brands experience -generally- the collateral effects of the outbreak of crises, since that is where the coherence of the message fails and where a break occurs. in teamwork

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