Online electronic commerce begins to win over traditional consumers

Online electronic commerce begins to win over traditional consumers

Consumers increase their spending on online purchases compared to traditional commerce.

According to a new study developed by Deloitte in the United Kingdom, the multichannel consumer, that is, the one who buys their products both in traditional stores and through the Internet, by catalog or by telephone, spends 82% more than the one that only and exclusively buy in traditional stores.

Mobile optimization, another big challenge for marketersSpecifically and according to the data of the study itself, the average cost per transaction of multichannel consumers is about 138 dollars, compared to the 76 dollars spent by consumers who buy their products in traditional stores.

In parallel, the study indicates that 62% of purchases of electronic products used some type of channel complementary to the traditional store, either to search and compare information or to make the final purchase action. In the case of home and fashion products, complementary channels to the traditional store were used in 37% and 26% of cases.

In the case of electronic products purchased through channels complementary to traditional stores, the average cost rose to 284 dollars, compared to 191 dollars that involved the acquisition of this type of product in traditional stores.

In household products, the multichannel consumer spent an average of 171 dollars per transaction compared to 99 dollars for the consumer who went to a traditional store, while for fashion the average cost was 77 dollars per transaction by the multi-channel consumer in front of at 62 dollars from the traditional transaction

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