The tablets win followers among consumers when making their purchases

The tablets win followers among consumers when making their purchases

The owners of tablets are making use of them for the commerce and they do it in greater measure than the owners of Smartphones, according to an investigation of e-tailing Group. In turn, eMarketer estimates that the number of tablet users will represent 7.6% of the US population at the end of 2011, up from 3.1% in 2010. It is expected that by the end of the year, 50 million These devices are on the market with a view to continue increasing. On the contrary, the number of Smartphones owners will reach 23.4% of the total number of consumers.

The tablets win followers among consumers when making their purchasesConsumers are using the mobile for research before buying a product, but not for making transactions. The question that retailers face is: to what extent do mobile transactions contribute to sales in a meaningful way? The answer, when the iPad gains significant strength.

The tablets win adepts among consumers when making purchases. One in 10 reported its use for daily purchases, compared to 6% of Smartphones owners, who also made more purchases.

Tablet owners make more purchases than Smartphones owners in all categories, except music, DVDs and videos, event tickets and food. In general, buyers with tablets have reported a higher level of satisfaction in the shopping experience: 39% of them said that being larger, it was significantly better, and 30% said it was better.

The size of the screen is probably the main factor in the shopping experience and most of them are made from far away places to your homes.

Tablets: trend between consumers and the future of electronic commerce

The e-tailing Group’s data is consistent with what AdMob recently highlighted in one of its reports, and where it became clear that the owners of ‘tablets’ are using their portable devices more than traditional devices, which means that’ tablets’ are becoming an increasingly important marketing channel and are true drivers of mobile e-commerce and marketing.

The tablets increase the level of satisfaction of consumers in the purchase process

Recently, E-tailing Group also developed a study based on a consumer survey, which noted that tablet users see them as an ideal tool for research and navigation on products, as well as to make purchases. The level of satisfaction was 68%, surpassing 48% of the users of Smartphones.

In addition, tablet owners use the devices to browse and shop online more frequently than smartphone users (29% vs. 22%), with one day a week as a base.

Size issue

The characteristics of Apple’s iPad and the competition’s tablets have become an ideal entertainment and a great device for consuming media, but many owners of media also have a strong interest in online shopping, and retailers are already taking note.

Its portability, touch screen and vivid graphics encourage a great shopping experience that leads to product discovery, impulse buying and from your residences.

25% of conversations about purchases on social networks occur when the consumer is in the physical store

Mark Langsfeld, CEO of the social media agency ListenLogic notes that “Mobile phones have completely transformed the way people search and buy products.”

According to the data of a study of the own agency, 25% of the conversations online on some service or product, are being developed when the people are inside the own ‘physical stores’ and is more frequent when they are buying electronic articles or when they go out to eat

The iPad is ‘the ideal way’ for mobile commerce

The success of the iPad has stimulated the competition. Let’s see some more significant data.

  • Consumers use iPads for research and access to product information. The increase it has had in this sense was 77%.
  • The shopping experience is simple.

How can we position the company to take the advantage that tablets are beginning to offer us?

  • Consumers want more accurate and updated information with all the product data. Doing so opens many doors for us.
  • Organize the screen based on “Add to shopping cart”, making sure that the price of the product and the image are very visible on a tablet. In addition, we must make content easy for users to navigate, including comments from users, readers and reviews from others.
  • Optimize payment and shipping.

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